Best Advice for Job Interview Follow Up

You’ve just completed the best job interview of your life, so what do you do now? Many may feel it’s time to just relax and wait for a call back from your guaranteed future employer offering you the job with a generous salary and added sign on bonus. However, if you truly want to ensure your place on a new employee roster, here’s some of the best advice for a job interview follow up.

Say Thank You

You submitted a professional resume, dressed for success, and had the perfect answer for every question asked–now it’s time to say thank you. Send a follow up note by email or post within 24 to 48 hours of your interview. Thank your interviewer through the note for the opportunity and stress that you’re available for any follow up questions. Provide your contact information at the end of the note as well.Resist the urge to call and say thank you in person. You are most likely only one of many people interviewed for the position and there may not be time to respond.

Call to Check In

Calling right after an interview is not recommended, but if you’re told a decision would be made in a specified amount of time, and that time has passed, feel free to call and check on the status of your application. Not getting a call back is not always bad news, and calling may help bring your resume back towards the top of the pile. Keep your call both brief and polite to respect the hiring manager’s time.

Know When to Move On

When following up on any job, be respectful and limit the amount of calls, messages or emails left. Some employers will not take phone calls after an interview, and others may just be unavailable. Getting too many messages or phone calls may also turn an employer in the wrong direction. In some cases, no reply means exactly what you think. In this case, thank the employer for the opportunity and gracefully move on.While following up on an interview is a great way to help secure your place with a company, a successful job search actually starts with a professional resume. If you struggle with formatting past resumes, consider using a resume building tool like this one to help increase your future job search success.

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