Best Format for a Customer Service Resume

Article Description: Use the best format for a customer service resume to get the job you want. Learn how now.

Excellent customer service is vital to nearly every job. From housekeeper at a budget motel to President of the United States, if you don’t have the ability to talk and relate to people, you won’t succeed.

Learn how to highlight your customer service skills to get the job you want by reading these customer service resumes and following the guidelines below.

The Importance of a Customer Service Resume

Your history in customer service shows potential employers that you have what it takes to communicate with people. This is necessary for jobs that put you in contact with customers on an everyday basis. However, it also applies to internal communication. Indeed, some of a company’s most important customers are its own employees. A customer service resume tells superiors that you know everything there is to know about relating with others. To do this properly, you must employ the best format for a customer service resume.

How to Write the Best Customer Service Resume

1. Highlight Customer Service Experience in Your Objective Statement Before the future boss even gets to the meat of your resume, they will see your summary or objective statement. This is your first opportunity to focus on your customer service skills.

2. Focus on Specific Customer Service Skills Simply adding the words “customer service” to a resume tells the employer very little about your actual capabilities. Target specifics like whether you worked directly with customers face-to-face, via chat, or on the phone. Do you have knowledge of any customer service software systems? Don’t forget to add that as well.

3. Include Customer Service Training Most customer service careers require some sort of customer service training. It is wise to include any training you completed for previous jobs or on your own.

4. Put the Spotlight on Awards Any accolades you have earned in your career in customer service should be included on your resume. This shows your potential employer that your skills are not all talk. Whereas anyone can mention customer service on paper, not everyone gets awarded an honor for their expertise. This is your opportunity to stand out.

5. Use Real Numbers Include measurable data if you have access to solid figures regarding your performance. Ask your previous employers for customer satisfaction ratings. Include the specific number of calls you took in a day, tables you waited on, or customers you met. Incorporating real numbers into your customer service resume is another way to show that you are serious about your skills.

The best format for a customer service resume is one that leaves no question about your customer service skills in a potential employer’s mind. Go one step further by creating your customer service resume with LiveCareer’s resume builder. This will assure you that your professional resume will get noticed so you can get the job you want.

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