Best Format for a Restaurant Resume

Okay, so we know the basics for creating a solid restaurant resume (if you don’t, you should check out these invaluable tips).

If you are a server, a cook or chef, bartender, or someone with an interest in the food management industry, you need to know the best format for a restaurant resume. As one of the largest industries in the world, the restaurant sector will always have great opportunities, but that means competition will be fierce. Without a resume that demonstrates your level of expertise, you risk losing out.

Best Formatting

The best format for a restaurant resume will, of course, consist of the fundamentals.

Contact Information Professional Summary / Objective Work Experience Education / Training / Certifications

Depending on the extent of your experience or the type of position you’re pursuing, your resume may include an accomplishments section that highlights your ability to succeed, whether in school or on previous jobs.

Your resume must, of course, be organized in every way. Do not give any hiring manager a reason to put your resume in the “No” pile because your formatting lacks professionalism. Consistent headings, bullets, fonts, and style are a must. Do not attempt to fill up the page with unnecessary information. Restaurant managers are busy people and like candidates that get to the point.

Needless to say, typos, bad grammar, and misspellings that may make the resume confusing or difficult to read are unacceptable. Keep the page as clean as possible. An impressive restaurant resume has a margin of at least .75 inches on all sides.

Best Approach to Content

Whether you are applying to be a hostess, cook, or manager, the best format for a restaurant resume has to emphasize a high level of customer service. If your resume cannot demonstrate this, your chances of finding work in any sector of the hospitality industry will be limited. Make every point clearly highlight your ability to enhance a customer’s experience through a neat appearance, a positive attitude, accurate delivery of service, quick thinking, problem solving, team work, and a strong desire to help the company maintain its reputation.

With all these elements in place, you can start to develop the best format for a restaurant resume that impresses and gets interviews. If you need some extra help, check out our Resume Builder. The tool guides you through the resume creation process from start to finish.

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