Best Formats for Middle Senior Professionals Resumes

The savvy middle senior professional knows their resume is a branding tool. It should clearly outline the evolution of an impressive career. This could mean taking your resume beyond traditional structures. Here are ideas for creating the best formats for middle senior professionals resumes.

Time to Expand the Real Estate

At your level, your experiences are extensive enough that hiring managers and committees will expect more than the usual single page of accomplishments. While your resume should go no further than ten years back, you can elaborate more on your qualifications by highlighting relevant projects, relationships, responsibilities, and related activities. The higher up the ladder you plan to move, the more you want to detail skills that demonstrate leadership, management, and the ability to guide projects to success.

If you do expand your resume beyond one page, clearly label each page with a number and your name at the top.

Identify Your Core Competencies

Below the professional summary of the best formats for middle senior professionals resumes, list the skills and qualities that identify your level of expertise. If you choose to abbreviate what may be commonly used industry terms, make sure the first time you use the short-term, put the full name in parentheses (i.e., MarCom (marketing communications)).

Show Career Progression

If you use a reverse chronological resume, dedicate more space to the most recent work. Each subsequent job should get less space, but stay on point about what makes you the perfect candidate for a given position. If you use a functional resume, for each job create a list that breaks down roles in leadership, time management, involvement in productive projects, impact on company policies, etc.

Find the Target for the Resume

The best formats for middle senior professionals resumes are prepared with a target audience in mind. This is especially important for middle senior professionals who can be the face of the company and are expected to lead. Generic resumes designed to cover all the bases can fall flat with hiring managers and committees looking for candidates that connect with their qualifications. Be concise, making sure all the information in your resume is tailored to the position you’re looking at.

If you really want to find the best formats for middle senior professionals resumes, use Resume Builder, a high end resource that will help you develop the credentials that accurately represents your status and potential.

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