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Whether you are a recent college graduate searching for your first job or you have already established a career and are looking to apply for a new position you will need to create an amazing resume to set you apart from other comparably skilled job candidates. Resumes are often the only chance you get to give potential employers a snapshot of your abilities and areas of expertise. Without spending the time to create a comprehensive and precise resume you will probably not be considered for positions that you apply for.

There are a lot of different theories and ideas on how to format the best resume possible. If you try to do incorporate every tip, trick and suggestion imaginable into one resume you will end up with a jumbled mess that no potential employer will want to spend the time to look through. In the end, the only thing that makes a difference is if the resume you created supplies all the information that the potential employer is looking for. To create the best resume for yourself possible you should try to look at it from the perspective of the employer whose position you are applying for. In addition, it is possible to find the best resume samples or templates available online to assist in crafting an excellent resume.

Experience vs. Education

When deciding on which to emphasize the most in your resume, relevant work experience or education background, you should definitely look at the situation from the potential employer’s point of view. If the position requires detailed know-how and a broad range of industry specific knowledge that can only come from someone who has already begun a career in that field then experience is the most important thing to emphasize. For positions that will allow individuals to learn and grow as time goes on, as most entry-level positions are, resume writers should highlight their academic accomplishments to gain an advantage over other candidates.

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Technical vs. Personal

Companies that are trying to hire individuals for positions that require industry specific software and technology-related skills are probably less interested in hearing about the wide range of activities you involve yourself in outside of work. Alternatively, companies that participate in corporate social responsibility activities and philanthropies or value a diversity of interests often seek out individuals who can not only competently perform the duties required by their position, but also people who would fit in with a company culture that encourages those kinds of activities. When applying for a position in a company like this it is perfectly acceptable, and often expected, for applicants to include a section in the resume that details the individual’s hobbies, activities, or community service projects.

Solo vs. Team Orientation

Before applying for a position you should conduct some research and see if they company that you are applying to values solo performance from their employees or encourages a more cooperative working environment. In general it makes sense that if you like working alone and the company is mainly a team-based organization you will probably not enjoy working for them in the first place. For resume writing purposes, finding out what kind of work environment the company values can help you to emphasize how your work process fits with the established company culture.

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