Best Resume Tips For 2010

The best resume tips for 2010 will help you create a document that outshines the rest; that gives you a competitive edge over other job candidates. Studies show that 17% of employers spend less than one minute reviewing a resume, and 38% spend only one to two minutes. This isn’t a great deal of time, and employers scan a resume very quickly looking for the pertinent highlights. In this article you will find the best resume tips for 2010 – put them to use in your writing efforts, and you will find the results well worth the time spent.

Don’t assume the simple aspects of writing your resume are all in place

All too often, those writing a resume automatically assume that basic things such as address and contact information are correct. They spend so much time trying to make their resume as professional as possible that they overlook things like spelling and grammar errors. While formatting is important, make sure you check the simple things!

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Below you will find some of the best resume tips for 2010:


Update your resume on a regular basis so that the content is fresh and current. Also remember that you want to tailor your resume specifically to the job for which you are applying, so that it appears that your talents and skills relate directly to that position.


Make sure the information you provide on your resume is consistent. For example, if you have posted your resume online at career sites or places such as Linked In, you want your physical resume to reflect the same information. Double check previous employment dates and other details.


Avoid using “empty” or filler words like “self-starter,” “go-getter,”, etc. These types of words don’t reveal anything to an employer about your abilities or skills; instead, use keywords that actually demonstrate what you can do, such as “accounts receivable” for an accounting position. Try to avoid descriptions that are generic by replacing them with industry-related keywords that relate specifically to the position.


Highlight your accomplishments and talents, and quantify them. Many applicants tend to list all information in terms of duties and responsibilities; employers are more interested in what you have accomplished, and how your talents will benefit their company. Describe to an employer what you can do for them by quantifying your achievements; that is, how did your responsibilities lead to that accomplishment?


Never forget to use an objective! This is perhaps the most crucial information to an employer. Your objection or summary should portray your experience and highlight how it will benefit the potential employer.

Throughout your resume, use action verbs to prevent your content from sounding dull. Write in a way that shows your enthusiasm about the possibility of employment with the company.

Use basic, simple fonts that are easy to read and avoid graphs, excessive bold headings and other artwork. An employer should be able to easily scan the page and see the most important aspects at a quick glance.

These are the best resume tips for 2010 if you want to write a resume that sparkles and catches the eye (and interest) of a prospective employer.

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