Biller Resume Writing Tips

Billing and posting clerks are employed in almost every conceivable industry. This means that there are plenty of job opportunities including part time work or temporary and casual employment.

About Sample Biller Resumes

Although billing clerks mostly learn on the job, some basic software skills are needed along with a minimal high-school diploma. Increasingly however, higher education is preferred such as an associate degree in accounting or business. Even so, a professionally presented resume plays an important role in gaining any coveted job position or promotion. In order to create the best possible resume, looking up sample biller resumes online can give a good point of reference to base the updated version on. Using the same subheadings as the sample resume is a good starting point for structuring the information in the resume.

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How to Write a Biller Resume

A look at sample resumes online suggests the following sections for a biller resume: personal information; an objective – where career goals can be mentioned; a qualifications summary; work experience; education details; certificates and licenses held; memberships; language skills; and computer skills. Note that referees are available upon request should all be included. Under the education heading, the minimum of a high school diploma should be mentioned; however, any postsecondary degrees are highly advantageous especially in business or accounting. Along with details of education and qualifications, practical work experience is also important information to highlight.

Any kind of billing, accounting, bookkeeping or auditing clerk job requires attention to detail, the ability to be discreet and trustworthy and exceptional communication skills. Flair with numbers is also desirable. Technological skills and an aptitude for computers and using complex software programs plays an important role in this vocation as the majority of accounting is handled through software. Any experience in a financial field can be used as leverage to earn a promotion. Character traits such as being orderly, thorough and detail oriented, as well as detecting errors are necessary traits for a billing job.

Biller Job Description

Billing clerks are responsible for invoicing clients and customers and mailing out the invoices. They compile all the accounts and charges and keep track of billing for shipment and delivery of goods and services. Bookkeepers handle payrolls, track overdue accounts, balance books and handle payments to the bank for smaller businesses. Larger businesses have accounts payable or receivable clerks. Responsibilities include monitoring loans and payments, balancing accounts, and reconciling billing vouchers. Auditing clerks check records of transactions by other workers. All clerks write letters, phone customers and most handle billing, payroll and procurement.

Biller Salary

A job in either billing or as a machine operator or posting clerk earned an average of $30, 950 in 2008. Working in this vocation, yet in differing industries, yields different average salaries. Working for insurance and employee benefit funds, employees in billing earned an average of $42,370 in a year. Close behind was billing for pipelines transportation of natural gas at $41, 710, scientific research and development series at $40,940 and billing for legal services paid rather lower average salary for this vocation with $39, 810.

Even though computers and software programs are streamlining the billing process, job growth in this industry continues, especially in the healthcare industry. Transfers to other vocations as well as normal retirements equals a lot of opportunity in this industry.

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