Biologist Resume Writing Tips

A biologist studies and observes the natural world and the environment. A biologist’s main job is to understand living organisms and life processes and to conduct research that develops new processes or products. For those searching for a solid employment niche, this career spans a variety of interesting subfields and specialties as well as opportunities in academia.

About Sample Biologist Resumes

Whether you’re endeavoring to sail the seas chasing dolphin pairs or choose to brave jungles for a collection of pink-eyed cicadas, you’ll need a good-looking resume first. If you’re stressing about writing one, an online sample biologist resume can be a great starting point. A sample resume will help when deciding which of your previous opportunities and experiences are best to feature and promote. Also, it helps to get a general idea of the look and feel of a professional resume in your field before moving forward.

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How to Write a Biologist Resume

Because the number of applicants in this field often outweighs the number of openings, competition can be fierce. Biologists compete for coveted research grants used to fund independent research. In addition, P.h.D. holders often compete for specialized research experience in temporary post-doctoral positions. That’s why a biologist’s resume should highlight strong points in research and hands-on experience. This is necessary to demonstrate a level of expertise within the particular field you’ve chosen.

Specialty research skills as well as knowledge in handling technology and computer software related to your specialty should also be noted. It’s essential for doctoral degree holders to spotlight any published research and/or other publications that they may have. Since non-Ph.D.s often find positions in non-scientist related jobs, those with bachelor and master degrees should play up strong oral and written communication skills as well as the ability to work independently or as part of team.

Biologist Job Description

Job openings for biologists range from postsecondary teaching positions to independent research in biology or one of its subfields. Most biologists focus on one very specific issue or point of interest and conduct independent research to build on prevailing scientific theories. Many travel in search of specimens or to document the behavioral patterns of plants and animals in their native environments. Other biologists pursue careers in academia, teaching at colleges or universities or as high school biology teachers.

Biologist Salary

The annual average salary for a biologist is $69,430, with zoologists and wildlife biologists expecting less at around $60,670. The field of biology is expected to grow by 21% over the next decade and with it, salary will also gradually increase.

Prospective biologists can expect a challenging and exciting field rich with opportunities to explore and discover through fieldwork and lab research. For those with serious interest in gaining a better understanding of natural life and sharing this knowledge with others, a career in the field of biology offers a rewarding future.

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