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Biotechnology or the use of knowledge to alter the organic (living) material is huge field that employs a lot of individuals with varying levels of education and personal talents. While there are a number of subcategories of field, the main ones are bioinformatics, agriculture, industry and medicine. The vastness of the field works in your support since there are a lot of alternatives for employment. You could potentially find a position working in a winery or brewery; with the environment to reduce the harmful effects of chemical spills; or also working in the lab on pharmaceuticals, pest control or genetics. All of the mentioned jobs have their roots in biotechnology.

To secure a great position for yourself, you will need to develop a resume that can concisely convey to employers your qualifications and skills as well as why they should select you for the job over the numerous other candidates who have applied. Since each person is different, each biotechnology resume will be different. If you are having problems getting started with your biotechnology resume you can search for biotechnology resume samples or templates online to give you a visual representation of what you will be creating.

Designing Your Biotechnology Resume

The field of biotechnology includes of a number of disciplines that demand a great deal of understanding in different branches of science. In order to set yourself apart from other candidates in this field, your will need to creat a nice Biotechnology resume with a noticeable cover letter to help you find an outstanding job. Due to the fact that a resume is basically an advertisement of your intelligence, abilities, personality and individuality, you need to make sure that you are presenting yourself in a way that will help you to stand out to potential employers. A perfect biotechnology resume must give the information sequentially. It must be as brief, concise and relevant to the position you have applied for.

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Candidates with Bachelor’s Degrees

Individuals with these qualifications are probably looking for entry-level positions. Emphasize your education and any research experience you have had up to that point. Point out your skills, abilities, or any areas that you studied more in-depth into. A good way to do this is to include relevant courses that you took during your degree program.

Candidates with Master’s or Doctoral Degrees

For these kinds of candidates it can be a good idea to include any recognition that you have received for your master’s thesis or doctorate work. Make sure to include if you have been published for any kind of research you have performed as well as your specific role in the research and any impressive findings. These candidates make have more work experience and should include relevant past positions into their resumes.

Candidates with Technical Degrees

Candidates with technical degrees should probably emphasize skills and abilities such as user knowledge of computer software, programs or lab equipment instead of highlighting education experience. It is also a good idea for individuals looking for biotechnology positions with technical degrees in the field to include relevant work experience with descriptions on the skills needed for the job, daily responsibilities, and leadership positions.

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