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A blank resume form can be found at various locations on the internet and elsewhere. When you are applying for a position with a company that is quite different from any job you have held before, you may decide that in order to appear as professional as possible, you need a resume and not just an application. A blank resume form allows you to create a professional looking document, and most are completely free of charge. This article offers information on various locations where you may find these forms.

When you are attempting to secure a position in a new career, a professional resume can be a great benefit. Managers and those in hiring positions are very impressed if you have a resume that is done in a clear, precise and informative manner. Here are a few places where you will find a blank resume form:

On the internet

These days, you can find nearly anything online! Several websites offer various blank resume templates, and some require you to join their network in order to use them. It usually costs nothing to join, and some sites even let you build your resume and then send it to you as a Word or .pdf file. Try sites like or

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Job placement facilities

Most of the time, you can find a blank resume form at job placement facilities or even the unemployment office. These forms are usually free, and you may even be able to get someone who works there to help you fill it out properly, which is essential if you aren’t familiar with preparing a professional resume.

Your computer

Today, nearly every PC has Microsoft Works or Office already installed. These applications are easy to find, simply click on your application, then click on ‘new file’, then ‘choose template.’ After performing these steps you will see various templates to choose from, and some of the examples available will help you in designing your own resume. If you find one you like, simply take out the sample data and insert your own.

A blank resume form is a great tool, especially for those who have no practice at creating a resume of their own. You can use them as a guideline, and even make changes until you perfect a document that is exactly as you want it.

A professional looking resume created in the right manner is essential if you want to impress a potential employer and stand out from other applicants. Another tip for those who have never written a resume before: Find a blank resume form, then browse various style of sample resumes online. You can find examples all over the web, and these will help you create your own in a way that looks like you have expertise and aren’t new at preparing a resume. Try the suggestions above, and even perform a search on ‘blank resume form.’ You will have dozens of options available to you.

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