How To Write a Broker Resume

A broker is an agent who buys or sells for someone else in return for a commission. They act as an intermediary between the seller and buyer for a fee. A broker may be an individual or a trading company and they may be acting to secure the benefit of either side of the party involved in the transaction. A career as a broker requires a substantial amount of training yet yields high earnings.

About Sample Broker Resumes

An industry that offers high earning potential will always be competitive. Jobs in investment banks for brokers are some of the most coveted and every advantage that can be gained, counts towards winning the job position. While a master’s degree in finance or business is definitely beneficial for advancement within the industry, it does not negate the need for a professional succinct resume. Viewing sample broker resumes online gives a valuable template for creating a relevant resume that presents work history, career objectives and skills gained in a concise, coherent manner.

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How to Write a Broker Resume

Structuring a resume is the first important step in maximizing the potential impact a resume can have. A broker resume should include the standard sections of personal information, career objectives, work history and experience, and qualifications gained. The basic qualification required is a bachelor’s degree with a major in finance, accounting, business or economics. A master’s degree in business administration gives a definite advantage for applicants wanting to climb the career ladder, gaining the holder higher pay, larger bonuses and greater opportunity for high-level positions.

Along with details of education and proof of required licensing gained, personal character traits and interpersonal skills are extremely valuable within this industry. Strong communication skills are essential to the success of the job as well as the ability to work successfully in a team. A drive to succeed should also be demonstrated along with analytical skills and numeric competency. Sales experience will cast an applicant in a favorable light with most firms, as sales drive the industry and this can be demonstrated through details of relevant career successes.

Broker Job Description

A broker is one of the most common of security sales agents. They are also known as stockbrokers. Their main function is advising clients on financial investments and brokering the deals, by sending details of the agreement to the stock exchange floor electronically. Once the deal is successfully closed, the broker charges a commission. A large portion of the day is spent on the telephone and the most essential task especially in the beginning, is building a client base, which often requires cold calling or following up referrals from other clients. Other broker positions include floor brokers who negotiate prices on the floor and make the sales and independent brokers.

Broker Salary

Average salaries within the financial industry vary considerably. Financial services, commodities and securities agents averaged $68, 680 in 2008. This salary is based on sales performance of insurance, stocks, mutual funds and bonds. A trainee broker is paid a base salary until they are earning commissions from their own client base. Brokers working for discount brokerage firms are paid a salary and sometimes given bonuses. At higher levels in this industry, bonuses can be far higher than the base salary. Benefits are typical and include life insurance, retirement, healthcare, and sometimes discounts on financial services. Client lunches, paid dinners as well as extensive travel costs are usually paid for.

A stockbroker is likely to work more than a forty hour week, to facilitate clients outside of the client’s work hours. However, professionals within this industry often stay in this vocation long term due to the hefty investment in training as well as the high earning potential.

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