Brokerage Resume Writing Tips

Your brokerage resume is the most important tool you will have when it comes to applying for a job. The resume is the first impression you will make on potential employers and therefore needs to be a great representation of what kind of skills and abilities you will bring to the position if you are hired. A well-crafted resume not only details your education, past work experiences and abilities, but also explains to whoever is reading your resume why you are the better choice for the position over other applicants who are equally qualified.

All resumes include standard information that tells potential employers the basic details about the individual applying for the position. A brokerage resume needs to include other information that caters the content in the resume to specify what the potential employer is looking for. A good idea to help gain a greater understanding of what is required is to search for a brokerage resume sample or template online.

Types of Brokerage Resumes

There are a lot of different kinds of brokerage positions available in the job market today. While each of the different positions require some of the same content you will need to pay attention to what kinds of things you should emphasize to increase your chances of being invited to interview for the open position you applied to.

Stock brokerage resumes should highlight the individual’s success with stock portfolios. Real-estate brokerage resumes need to emphasize the individual’s ability to satisfy customers by procuring top-notch real-estate investments. Investment brokerage resumes will need to include a segment that informs the reader about the applicant’s previous investment projects and positive returns that the person managed to procure for their clients.

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Skills and Abilities

After including the important pieces of information for the specific type of brokerage resume mentioned above, you will need to include a section that describes what skills and abilities were needed in your past work positions. This will help to inform whoever is reading your resume about the kinds of things you can bring to the position that you are applying for. Remember to only include information that is relevant to the position that you are interested in and can help potential employers see how you will perform if they select you for the job in question.

Awards, Recognitions, and Accomplishments

This is the section that you should use to set yourself apart from the other applicants that you are competing against. If you were recognized for particularly great work in a previous position with an award or a monetary incentive like a bonus or a raise you should list it here. Examples of things to include would be exceeding a company goal, having a higher than expected rate of return on a client investment, and other notable achievements. Some people find it difficult to ‘brag’ about how they have excelled in the past; if you have been recognized for your abilities or skills you should not hesitate to include it in this segment of your brokerage resume.

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