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A career as a builder can be an extremely satisfying choice for someone who loves to start a project from scratch and see it through to the end result. Lots of jobs fall into the builder category, however, but the one that most people are familiar with is the home builder. Often referred to as ‘construction companies,’ these professionals are builders by trade. Several different sub categories fall under the term builder, with each person having specific building skills.

About Sample Builder Resumes

Most people who are builders, or work for a building company have no idea that a well written resume can help advance their career in this field. It is more than stating that construction work and building structures is something that you are good at. Builders can benefit from a resume, and those who are unsure about this can use a sample builder resume to give them ideas about writing one of their own.

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How to Write a Builder Resume

Skills, qualifications, degrees, and any certification applicable to building experience should be included on the builder resume. The resume doesn’t have to be long and detailed as long as the basic facts are highlighted according to skill. There are lots of areas in construction that a builder might qualify for. In addition, remember to list specialties and expertise in operating specific equipment. On the job experience, either past or present, should be included, as well as what experience has been gained from each. References from past employers are a definite necessity attesting to work ethics and the ability of the candidate to work as a team player.

For someone who is submitting a resume in the hopes of winning a home building job, all of the above information is necessary, along with statements from previous clients who have had experience working with the builder. These statements may attest to the fact that the job was completed satisfactorily, on time, and according to the specified budget.

Builder Job Description

The builder is responsible for the beginning, middle and completion of the job to the client’s satisfaction. Whether the job entails completely building a new home or remodeling the existing structure, the builder will work with the client to draw up plans, submit a proposal for work and related costs, and work to ensure that the crew follows through to complete the job within the allotted time frame. The builder is also responsible for overseeing the crew he or she hires to maintain safety at all times. He or she must also be aware of all building codes for the state or county, and is the person who ensures that a building permit is in place before construction begins. Insurances and all other related paperwork are also the responsibility of the builder. Staying in touch with the client on all matters related to the construction is a necessity.

Builders Salary

It is rather difficult to put an amount on the salary of a builder. Each job will entail something different, and the costs related to these jobs will vary. The size of the structure, the length of time required to build it, and the various crew members needed to complete the job make the difference on the amount of money to be made. Generally, the yearly salary could amount to $82,000, but again, there are many mitigating factors to consider. People who work for the builder as general contractors can expect to earn in the area of $12 to $15 per hour. Salaries are dependent on skill and expertise.

Builders of homes and other structures are often selected because they have done other jobs in the area and have excellent referrals. Advertising the company is a great way to attract new clients, but it is the ‘word-of-mouth’ referral that works the best.

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