Business Administration Resume Writing Tips

Having a degree in business administration is a great advantage when it comes to applying and being selected for a position in the work force. Unfortunately, if you do not know how to properly market your hard-earned education and other abilities, you will have a hard time convincing potential employers that they should select you to fill a job opening. A resume is the best marketing tool you have in your possession that can help you to secure a great job that takes advantage of your business administration degree.

Business administration resumes follow the standard guidelines that all other resumes do and should include the basic information that lets potential employers know the base-line details about you. When writing your business administration resume you should keep in mind that you will need to include or highlight specific information to cater the resume to what the potential employer wants to see or values; this can help you to stand out in the eyes of whoever is reading and evaluating your resume. If you are having a hard time figuring out how to format your resume you can search for business administration resume samples or templates online.


If you have just graduated with a business administration degree you will probably not have a significant amount of relevant work experience to include in your business administration resume. In lieu of work experience you should focus your attention, and that of your reader, on the degree that you worked so hard to achieve. A degree from a reputable university or college business program can be very impressive and memorable for people reviewing your business administration resume. You should also include your GPA if it is particularly high as well as any accomplishments or recognition you have received during your education. For example, if you were given a scholarship because of academic excellence, this would be the place to include it.

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Work / Internship Experience

A lot of recent graduates may not have relevant work experience but could have been in an internship position that helped to prepare them for the work force. Employers like to see that recent graduates are somewhat familiar with an office-like environment and will be potentially able to complete the requirements of the position that they are applying for. Make sure that you list only relevant work or internship experience in this section. Also, provide a short but concise description of what kind of skills and abilities were required for your previous position, what your daily responsibilities were, and what kind of leadership position you were in.

Computer and Technical Skills

Since most positions that look for individuals with business administration degrees require the worker to be able to use specific computer software or programs, it is a good idea to include your computer and technical skills. As with anything you include in a resume, make sure that the skills that you are listing are relevant to the position that you are applying for. Employers like to see that applicants already possess computer and technical skills and will not have to go through further training before they can start working.

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