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Business analysts are primarily responsible for analyzing the organization and design of a particular business, whether this business in a government entity, private business, or non-profit organization. Business analysts are required in almost all sectors of business, from information technology and telecommunications, to banking and finance, making jobs in this field readily available and the outlook for the industry very robust.

Although there are many jobs constantly opening up for business analysts, there are also many applicants all vying for one of these positions. By developing your business analyst resume so that it stands out from the others and impresses the hiring managers, you can increase your chances of obtaining one of these coveted positions. There are many business analyst resume samples available online that can give you a good idea of where to start.


Because there is not a particular or required way to become a business analyst, job applicants from a variety of backgrounds can become successful analysts. This being said, it is important for individuals seeking a position as a business analyst to have obtained some sort of higher-level education, preferably in a business subject. Highlighting your educational background is a key part of your business analyst resume. Begin this section by listing your most recent degree earned at the top, and include any other degrees or degrees currently in progress as well.

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Work Experience

Experience working in the business world will add a huge amount of credibility to your application for a business analyst position. Even if your past work experience is not as an analyst in particular, just having worked in the industry will let employers know that you understand the industry as a whole and will be able to bring a strong business ethic to your new position. Begin the work experience section with your most relevant position at the top. Include the name of the company, the type of industry of business the company was involved in, and the dates you were employed there.

Next, list your most important responsibilities and how effectively you performed them, followed by less critical job duties. If you held an internship or participated in a work study, include this in the work experience section as well. Be sure to explain how your job responsibilities in these positions relate to job you are applying for a business analyst. This section would also be a good place to list any professional or business references for hiring manager to contact, if you have any.

Additional Qualifications

It is also a good idea to include any extracurricular organization or clubs in which you are involved, either in your community or during your time in college. This shows hiring managers that you have effective time management skills, are a well-rounded person, and will bring more to the organization that just your educational qualifications.

By giving a specific and detailed work history on your business analyst resume, you can put together a very effective and impressive resume as part of your application for a position as a business analyst.

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