Business Resume Writing Tips

There are a vast number of job opportunities available in the business industry in many different specific fields. Because of the highly competitive nature of obtaining jobs in the business world, you will want to put a lot of thought and care into developing your resume. Therefore, you may want to consider using a business resume template or spend some time searching online for business resume samples. Despite the wide range of opportunities out there for job searchers, there are some important aspects of effective business resumes that you will want to include when developing your own.

Work Experience

One of the most important elements of your business resume will be the work experience section, as nothing can compare to real-world experience in the business industry. List your most recent position first, and describe the most important and relevant aspects of this position. Continue to list the rest of your work history in reverse chronological order. You should also remember to include any achievements or awards that you gained during your employment history.

Positions in the business industry vary greatly between specific jobs, so one of the most important things when creating and developing your business resume will be to research the particular position for which you are applying; tailor your work experience to reflect the requirements of that job. For example, if the job position has requirements such as, ‘develop procedures to increase the efficiency of the department’, you will want to clearly illustrate to the hiring manager how you have done this in your past work history. Although you may not have performed this task in the same capacity that the desired job will require, simply having experience in the general area will help to set you apart from other applicants.

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The level of the position for which you are applying will have an impact on the education you should have gained in order to perform the job. Although it might not be necessary to have a specific business degree, many employers will require qualified applicants to have successfully completed higher-level education in some area. For entry-level and early career positions, your specific major or field will not be as important of a factor, as part of the job will likely be training for the specific position. However, the more advanced of a position you are applying for, higher and focused education may be required.

When building the education section of your resume, first list your highest degree awarded, as well as any relevant concentrations or minors. Continue to list your relevant educational background in descending order, including all Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees earned. If you have an impressive GPA, it would be a good idea to list this, however, it is okay to omit this from your resume unless the job application specifically requests this information. It is also important to include any relevant industry-specific certifications that you hold.

By taking the time to develop the above important sections of your resume, you will be well on your way to creating an effective business resume.

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