Busser Resume Writing Tips

The busser is probably the most overlooked person in the restaurant and hospitality field. Always busy and on the go, these employees perform the many tasks that serve to make the dining experience of the patron enjoyable. All the little jobs that no one pays any attention to are all done by the busser, and left undone, can result in a potential disaster.

About Sample Busser Resumes

A sample busser resume can be found online to aid and assist someone who may be having difficulty getting the information down on paper. While some people think that it may not seem necessary, a well written resume is essential for any job. Many people have skills that pertain to the job at hand yet fail to recognize the fact. The resume sample will offer tools to help ascertain these skills and apply them to the job category.

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How to Write a Busser Resume

The resume for a busser position will need to include all work history, whether in the food service industry or any other related work experience. Make sure to include information concerning work ethics and dedication. Let the employer know that you are willing to perform any and all tasks related to the job, no matter how menial. Good interpersonal skills are essential because the busser is required to interact with other employees, along with being friendly and personable to the customer. Qualities such as these should be included in the resume. References from previous jobs are necessary, as well as personal statements that attest to the character of the job candidate.

Busser Job Description

The busser is the person responsible for all the little duties that no one seems to think about when they are patronizing a restaurant. Most people think that the responsibility of the busser is to clear dirty dishes away. Depending on the size of the establishment, the busser has many other things he or she does over the course of their work shift. Many of the side duties include filling condiments, setting the tables, keeping the area clean, assisting the waiters and waitresses where needed, and even taking out the trash. Being congenial and courteous to the other staff, and friendly and personable to the customers are just some of the characteristics needed to be an excellent busser.

Busser Salary

Salary for a busser will depend on the hours worked, size of the restaurant, and the time of day the shift is scheduled. Working the busiest time of the day will result in more tips, which in turn will increase the amount of take home money. In the US, the annual salary for a full-time busser working in a busy establishment can amount to $15,000 to$22,000. This can increase exponentially with experience, raises, or gratuities. Busy food establishments are always in need of people who are willing to work as bussers, so the job outlook in this area is very good.

For anyone who likes to be kept busy on the job, this is the ideal form of employment. The pace is fast, the money is good, and you will most definitely never be bored with the job.

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