Buyer Resume Writing Tips

Buyers can either make excellent choices for the industry he or she is employed in, or they can select merchandise or goods that are a complete failure. Being a wise and savvy buyer means that this person must be aware of current trends in merchandise that are going to make money for the business and not be sitting on the shelf gathering dust.

About Sample Buyer Resumes

A sample buyer resume can be located online to give the applicant an idea of how a professional, finished resume should be formatted, and what information it should contain. It may be a bit difficult for someone new to this industry to know just how the resume should look and what information should be included. In addition, buyers with little or no experience may find that they are not sure how to list their skills and qualifications to create an effective resume. It is for this reason why sample resumes are invaluable resources.

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How to Write a Buyer Resume

A resume should always be accompanied by a well written cover letter. The cover letter serves to introduce the applicant, and give a few fine points concerning the interest in the job being applied for. The applicant should also state why he or she feels they might be the perfect employee for the position, and what they feel they can bring to the business by way of qualifications.

The buyer resume itself should always list any skills or qualifications that pertain directly to the position. Potential employers spend approximately 30 seconds reading each resume, so it is essential that the resume contains only essential information, and does not talk about anything unrelated to the job. Experience in the buying industry, if any, should be mentioned, as well as any degrees earned in this category. Past and present work history relating to buying should be included, as well. Lastly, references are important, as they serve to attest to work ethics and personal character.

Buyer Job Description

The buyer for any retail business is the person responsible for meeting the various vendors to negotiate purchases for the company. He or she may also be the one to analyze sales, set sales goals, and many times be the one to handle the visual merchandising aspects of the store. Marketing and advertising of certain key merchandise may also enter into the buyer’s realm. If the store has an online website, the buyer is also responsible for maintaining these sales. A successful buyer is able to forecast future trends and be knowledgeable enough to distinguish fad from fashion in terms of stability.

Buyer Salary

The average salary for a buyer in the U.S. is estimated to be $43,928 annually. This will always depend on the success of the business and the size of the store where the buyer is employed. Location of the business plays a key part in merchandise sales, and a successful buyer must always be aware of current trends in their area. He or she must always guard against ordering merchandise that will not sell in their location because doing so only serves to cause the store to lose profit.

Good buyers are able to communicate effectively, manage time well, and should be willing and able to work long hours. A keen eye for detail and a working knowledge as to what’s ‘in’ and what’s not are good buyer traits.

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