Call Center Manager Resume Writing Tips

As in any other type of resume dealing with a management position, a call center manager resume needs to highlight the particular qualifications that make the candidate suitable for the job. Any and all managerial experience should be listed, while call center experience is a definite plus. A call center is a highly fast-paced environment so the resume should be fast and easy on the reviewer without lacking content. One way to accomplish that is with high impact buzz words. Often it is possible to get a point across with a few words if they are well chosen and goal oriented.

The Focus of a Call Center Manager Resume

The focus of a call center manager resume should be on the ability to organize and schedule staff while handling various other administrative duties, rather than on any previous experience within a call center per se. While that experience is a definite advantage, organizational and managerial skills are much more vital to the lifeblood of a call center. This type of position is based on numbers, as call centers typically rank employees on both the quantity as well as the quality of the calls they are handling. Having the ability to target in on issues for quick resolution is the main qualification for managing a call center. Procedural techniques, the company vision and other aspects of the operation of the call center will be a matter of training once the job is procured. Management skills are the key.

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The Importance of the Objective Statement

To get an idea of structure and format, have a search for a call center manager resume sample. Just as any other resume is formatted, it would start with contact information and move on to the objective. This is where you have the chance to sell yourself in 25 words or less. Again, this is where well crafted use of buzz words would be to your advantage. The objective area of the resume sits all by itself, and as such, can draw attention to your skills in a powerful way. The online example uses phrases like ‘highly motivated,’ ‘fast-paced’ and ‘organized.’ Those are buzz words that highlight not only what the applicant is seeking, but what he is capable of doing. This one sentence sets the stage for how the rest of the call center manager resume will be perceived by the reviewer. Use it wisely to your advantage.

The format of a resume is pretty much standard. It is always best to limit them to one page, or two if absolutely necessary. In terms of a call center manager resume, because of the nature of the business, this resume should be even more brief and to the point. It should be well organized and formatted to highlight special qualifications for the role of leader in a fast paced environment. Management experience and ‘people skills’ are critical while call center experience is a plus. Day to day operations can be taught during orientation or job training, but having the ability to work with and manage individuals is a trait that you either have, or don’t. If you have it, you’ve got one foot in the door.

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