Call Center Representative Resume Writing Tips

When structuring a resume for a position as a call center representative, it is good to keep in mind that your voice will be a liaison between the general public and the company you work for. This particular position generally requires experience in dealing with the public and at least a modicum of previous sales experience. Whether the calls will be inbound or outbound, a call center representative needs to have the ability to balance loyalty to the company with the needs of the consumer.

Focal Points for a Call Center Representative Resume

The key points to get across in a call center representative resume would be customer service and sales experience, the ability to multi-task, and a general working knowledge of computers and telephone systems. Any previous experience in customer service is vital since calls being handled will necessarily be dealing with unique individuals on a daily basis. Qualifications to emphasize would include any experience in retail sales, even though the position may not be sales oriented. A call center representative is the voice of the company and it is imperative to have a positive impact on each and every caller. In short, your resume must highlight your ability to deal with a multitude of personalities while handling problems and issues politely and professionally.

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Structure of the Resume

For examples on how to structure this type of resume, it is possible to find a sample call center representative resume online. The structure should include your contact information, a brief objective and then a list of qualifications that make you a prime candidate for the position. This position requires having the ability to handle a variety of tasks quickly and efficiently so emphasize that in the qualifications. Next it is important to list related work experience with corresponding responsibilities. Finally, Education and/or Community Activities would be mentioned. In this line of work, community involvement might be indicated in that it shows a proclivity toward human interaction.

Length of the Resume

While a job application would require an applicant to list the previous five or ten years experience, this isn’t necessary on a resume of this type. The nature of a call center is speed and efficiency, so a call center representative resume would target only qualifications for this particular type of job. The person reading it is used to handling things at the speed of light, so a lengthy resume will probably be set aside. Make your point, get off it and go on to the next. The use of buzz words can help to accomplish this. Terms such as ‘goal oriented’ and ‘customer care’ would say it all in two words better than any longwinded treatise. A call center representative resume should be no longer than one page.

Remember that a call center representative is the link between the person on the other end of the line and the company receiving or making the call. The representative’s voice may be the only contact that person will ever have with the company, so it is vital to emphasize the ability to meet the consumer’s needs while promoting the company in a positive way. This type of resume, for this particular type of employment, must be upbeat and brief.

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