Call Center Resume Writing Tips

It’s quite common for a prospective employer to look for a call center resume that will point them in the direction of an individual capable of positive customer relations. There are only a few seconds to catch the attention of such an employer; as a result, how a resume is presented is the first chance to make a good impression. A strong resume will help to stand out above the crowd by showing the interviewer the kind of skills and talents that the job seeker possesses. It is this first impression that will get a second interview.

The Responsibilities of a Call Center Representative

A call center position may seem like an entry level job. However, the fact is a call center customer service representative has a great number of duties that they must be proficient at. The workers in these positions are expected to answer the phones and provide each customer with the correct information for the products they are interested in. They must also up-sell additional products and direct further customer inquiries to the appropriate staff to be resolved. Furthermore, these position holders are also responsible for completing call logs, and providing their input concerning billing issues, process improvements, while handling other duties assigned to them.

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Understanding the Correct Purpose of a Call Center Resume

The purpose of a call center resume is not exclusively just to land a desired job. If resume writing is approached with this goal in mind, it may result in a boring document that may make look desperate to prospective employers. Actually, the purpose of a resume is not to get a job, its purpose is to land an interview. If the resume is crafted in a way that is creative and professional enough to get an interview, the opportunity will then be received to impress the employer with not only skills and work history, but also personality and the skills used to interact with other people.

Elements to Include in the Resume

A call center resume should include information about product knowledge and abilities to work with the general public. Start the document with a bold heading that includes full contact information; name, telephone, address and e-mail. Following this, include a one or two lines of objective as a description for the job that is desired within the company. A product knowledge section can be included under the summary of qualifications, or summary of customer service, for a good impression. Include an employment history section that relates to the position as much as possible. Finally, list an education section that lists all relevant courses and degrees.

A good strong call center resume will do more than increase the chances of landing the job that is desired. The only way to use a resume as a proper marketing tool is to take the time to craft one professionally. Always spell check your resume. Furthermore, proofread it several times to ensure that you have used proper grammar, punctuation, correct word usage, and double check the dates for accuracy. In addition, consider looking for a call center resume sample online for some extra guidance.

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