Personality tests

When a candidate is considered for a job position, the employer evaluates different factors such as education, experience and successes. Increasingly, companies are turning to personality tests to hire potential employees and avoid embarrassing hiring errors, and it is especially at the executive level.

These tests are utilized to specify the type of personality, values, interests and skills of candidates. They can be used to solely assess what type of person you are, or rather, to establish your aptitudes for a certain type of occupation or career.

personality tests

Personality tests range from the five-minute Color Quiz which is supposed to establish your personality type by the colors you select, to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator which is one of the top-rated personality tests that helps assess your personality type and helps to explore career options.

The principal point of performing tests for personality is to go deeper than any job interview ever could; however, it is another point of several data points to make a hiring decision. There is a diversity of tests that evaluate intelligence or aptitude, inventory skills and estimate ability to succeed in a career.


Aptitude tests evaluate logical reasoning, the ability to obtain skills, thinking performance or doing a particular type of work. These are the type of tests employers commonly utilize to screen candidates for employment. These tests are available online, free and accessible on just about every topic. These can be classified as speed tests or power tests, but power test are more used at the professional or managerial level. Aptitude test includes questions about verbal ability, numerical ability, spatial ability, mechanical reasoning.


Career Tests are utilized to evaluate mastery of a subject, offer an indication of which jobs match your personality type and which careers you possess an aptitude for. You can take a quick test online and obtain quickly result or take more extensive (and professional) tests to determine which careers might interest you.  These tests consider self assessment tools to help you make decisions regarding the types of works in which you will be most successful.


Intelligence tests evaluate intellectual functioning, or in plain language how intelligent you are. They are created to measure an individual’s mental skills and screen job applicants. A person’s intelligent quotient (IQ) is a measure of intelligence derived from the results of peculiarly designed tests. The purpose of these test in job hiring are to know how a person learns and works in different situations. The quotient is obtained by dividing an individual’s mental age by his chronological age and multiplying the result by 100.


Inventories are checklists that you can utilize to determine factors which you relate to – and which you don’t. These are used to measure how the interests of a person match with the interests of others employed in certain occupations. Career inventories such as the strong interest Inventory, offer a summary of the interest areas and occupations that match your interests. 

It is essential to note that none of these tests will offer you with a concrete answer on what you should do with your life. Rather, you should use them as a tool to elaborate informed guesses and see them as one part of your overall career planning. Take a free time and try some fun quizzes, this way you can determine different aspect on your life such as your stress level, decide if you are burned out, evaluate how healthy you are or discover your abilities for a given job position.