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When creating your professional resume, your career objective is one area you want to pay particular attention to. After all, potential employers, above all, want to know what’s in it for them ‘ how will you add value to the company if they hire you? Resumes are not about being artistically creative and making a pretty document ‘ they are about showcasing what you offer, and making you stand out from the others who apply for the job. This is why your career objective is so important.

You may be thinking ‘But my career objective is just one tiny part of many paragraphs of information, so why does it matter so much?’ Good question. While this area is one small specific area that you may believe will go unnoticed, it absolutely will not. In fact, most employers will notice your career objective almost instantly, before they actually read the remainder of your resume. They want to know if you have what it takes, or if you are just like most of the other applicants ‘ ordinary.

Here are a few tips that will help you create a powerful career objective ‘ and perhaps land that job:

Begin your explanation with ‘I’ instead of ‘To’

You want to avoid writing sentences like ‘To increase the productivity of the company.’ Instead, boldly state what you plan to do: ‘I intend to enhance productivity and increase profits.’ Of course, you want to state whatever information is relevant to your qualifications, and the position you are applying for. Using ‘I’ makes your career objective all about you, and doesn’t lessen your importance.

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Create a basic resume without a career objective first

After creating the basic outline, read it through. Then, add your career objective and read it again. Does it stand out and define specifically what you are capable of? You will see how important this step is once you realize that those few words may perhaps make the biggest impact on a potential employer. You might also have friends or family members who you trust read it as well, and offer their opinion.

Be specific, but don’t be too specific

You must create your career objective with the position you are applying for in mind, but don’t narrow it down so much that the person reading your resume feels you don’t have other necessary skills. You want to be clear about what you want and what you can offer the company, but limit yourself too much.

Keep these tips in mind, and look online to find good examples if you need to. Many people make writing a resume hard, but often keeping things basic and simple is best. Remember that employers want to know what you can do specifically for their company, and you will have no trouble writing your career objective. Basically, let the potential employer know precisely what position you want and how your skills benefit the company in this position.

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