Career planning

Would you like to have a career that allows you to work doing the things you like? and would you like to use your abilities, skills and knowledge in a job that fulfills your expectations?. What about getting a job that allows you doing other activities such as those with the family? If you think on this, do you know how to achieve it? Making career planning it is the key to make it happens. Definitely, a career plan is essential and crucial to enjoy of your career in the future.

Whether you are a student that have finished high school or college, or someone who want to change of job, making a career plan will be useful to achieve your goals.

Independently of where you are standing right now, you should always think one step ahead. A career plan helps you to do it. The main purpose of making a career plan is helping you reach your goals, avoiding you work doing things you dislike, just because getting an income is vital. Of course, it will be necessary you take the action needed to fulfill your plan.

What does a career plan imply?

Making a career plan implies different things such as those in which you have to define your strengths and weakness, find out what you like and what you dislike, etc. Also, you have to take some actions such as getting education and experience. Meanwhile getting education can involve applying university, college or school, getting experience can involve enrolling in an internship, working as a volunteer, etc. The career planning includes different steps and those steps include actions to take to get success.

How to make a career plan?

It is an important task to do and it isn’t difficult as you could think. The following are the basic steps you can take:

Realize where you are at the moment.

In this step you can understand where you stay right now. In order you describe it, you have to realize which your strengths and weaknesses are, your satisfaction related to your actual job, your progress in education, your progress in your career during the last years, what is your actual job situation compared with the one you have three years ago, etc. This is a good starting point to make a plan for the future.

Now, determine where you want to be in the future.

A thing you can do is writing on sheets, where you want to be after some years from now. Well you can define in one sheet what position would you like to occupy after certain years (for instance 3 years) and what is the salary would you like to have after 3 years. Then in the other sheets write about the same issues but considering 6 years from now, 9 years from now, etc.

Once you have defined your goals, you can determine how to reach them. Well, in each sheet write also how to achieve those goals. Consider personal qualities, education and experience. For instance, you can pursue a distance learning degree at the same time you work part-time in a company, so you will be getting experience and acquiring knowledge at the same time. Thus, in order to make your dreams happen, take actions after your plan.

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Pursuing the right career demands to do a good career planning. This plan involves doing a self-assessment, and knowing what it is important for you (having autonomy at work, interacting with people, etc), what your interests are, what your personality is, and what your aptitudes are.

Academic options

Academic options

Being prepared is the key for success. In order to get preparation for your career, you could have different options, such as applying school, applying institute, etc. In order to know what the options are, you must research. Consider the things we describe here that can help you to make a choice.

Practical Experience

Practical Experience

Work experience is essential in order you get new skills, develop your abilities and more. There are different ways you can follow to get practical experience. Some of them are working part-time, working as a volunteer, doing an unpaid job, etc. Here, we describe some of them.

Graduate School Preparation

Graduate School Preparation

During your career, you always have to think one step ahead, so there will be always something to know about. You can enroll in a university, college or school, so you have to be informed about important issues such as the financial support, admission requirements, etc.

Making career planning is not optional. Otherwise, it can be a decisive step to take in order to have success in your career. Making it will definitely worth it.