Career Planning Tips from the Experts

Many of us feel obligated to plan out our entire lives during our earliest years, before we even know where life will take us. It can be intimidating. What is the right career? Is it a job I enjoy or one that pays the bills? Do I need further education or does my current skill set suffice?

Putting together career goals and executing them will always be a challenge. Here are career planning tips from the experts to consider for making all the right choices about the next phase of your life.

Look for Personal Satisfaction

Whether you are a high school student or a seasoned account manager, try to avoid feeling trapped in any profession. It is not unusual for people to decide five, 10 or 20 years into a career that they aren’t happy. According to, we get comfortable with employment, while ignoring personal happiness. They suggest knowing your strengths, your interests and passions, and if you cannot apply them to your current profession, think about changing it.

Consider Your Transferable Competencies

Career Perfect encourages everyone to stop believing it’s too late to develop skills for a new career. Career planning tips from the experts include accounting for your transferable skills, those competencies which you acquired over the years that can be used in other careers, industries, or environments. Look at a potential, attractive career and identify the transferable skills you have that work with it.

Look at Your Short-Term Options

There are careers that don’t necessarily require extensive education. Legal assistant, law enforcement, firefighter, pharmaceutical technician. According to the advisers at Ask the Experts, you may find after developing new skills and seeing advancement opportunities, you’ll want to align your real world experiences with further education. The advantage is you will know this is what you want without first spending years in school.

Look to the Experts suggests turning negatives into positives. A layoff could be the push you needed to reevaluate career goals. Don’t believe you have to do it alone. Deciding the next phase of your life could be simplified if you work with experts, such as career coaches, outsourcing firms, friends and family, and former colleagues.

Whatever your career goals, don’t forget LiveCareer and Resume Builder. We have all the tools for everything from resumes to career planning tips from the experts.

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