Academic options

Whether you have graduated from high school, you have thought to change of career, or just want to look for the right job for you; this section can be useful.

Here you can read a comprehensive introduction about how to choose your career, and also how to choose an occupation.

Academic options you have after high school, or to start a new career

academic options

Students that finish high school need to decide for a career to pursue and get educated on it. The options they have are going to university, going to college, enrolling in apprenticeship, going directly to work, etc. In order to make an informed decision, in addition to do a self-assessment, if this is your case, you have to research the career options you have.

Maybe you have the assistance of your parents and professionals such as career counselors, but you have to do a research by yourself. First, it is a good idea you select potential careers that you would like to pursue, and gather information about them, such as their requirements, needed skills, etc that have to match the results of your self-assessments.

Also, some of the most common steps you can take, to choose the perfect career for you are the following:

  • Make a list of the careers you would like to enroll in.
  • Research about the skills required for those careers.
  • Learn about the job market trends related to those careers.
  • Be informed about the specialties of the career you want. Graduates programs include specialties. Then, identify their weaknesses and strengths.
  • Researching the career fields, can give you a best idea of what to expect and what will be expected of you. Also, it will allow you to know what the education you need is.
  • Look for universities, institutes, etc, that offer the career you want. Visit their websites and find useful information.
  • Organize meetings with some professors of the field you like, in order they give you valuable advises about a certain career.
  • One thing you can do is spending the day, working with someone that works in the related field you are interested in.
  • Take in mind that, educational institutions will ask you for requirements and prerequisites before you are admitted.

There are a variety of available academic options, so a good research is the key to have success in the career planning process.

Career planning and job search

Here, we are going to talk about how to be prepared to choose a specific occupation. After discovering who you are, doing a self-assessment, the next step you have to take is looking for the available occupations.

First, make a list of the career options you would like to do. After making the list, you will have a wide view of these options, adding columns with the following questions:

  • How would be a work day?, You can take a conversation with friends, relatives and other people who work in the field you like.
  • What is the average salary for this position?, this, is an important thing to know, perhaps not only the most important to decide for a career.
  • What are the needed skills and qualities? Here is time to match your abilities with those required for a certain career. It is true that some of them can be acquired, but look first at those which are your natural skills.
  • What does the job market look like for this occupation? Are there currently job opportunities for such occupation?

Besides, it is important you find the answers for the above questions. It will be crucial that you base your decision on your personal values, what you enjoy doing at, and what your skills are.