Practical Experience

Getting experience is so important in any aspect. It allows you to get skills, and develop abilities that can be essential at the time to work. Practical experience can also help people with career choices. Even if the work experience you have is not related to the field you like, it can allow you to discover your strengths and weakness, and develop some skills, that you can take into consideration to choose the right career for you.

Practical experience may include doing an unpaid job, working part-time, doing volunteer work, etc. Whether be the type of work, work experience is really a good opportunity to know the job position better, for instance the responsibilities it implies.

Benefits of doing work experience

practical experience

  • Through practical experience, you can see how the day of an employer is. You can know if you would like to do the things that employer does. You can also know what happens during a working day. Also, taking contact with the employers, you can get answers to some of the questions you have. For instance, you can ask them questions such as why they choose their career and job?, what were the qualifications for the his/her job?, etc. Making a network will be also a great idea, in order you get contacts that can be helpful at the time you search for a job.
  • Usually, employers look for people with some experience to fit the job position. So thinking in the future, getting experience will be a point in your favor when searching for a job.
  • If you are getting practical experience through an internship, then you can demonstrate you have a good attitude, you do things well, etc, so you can have the opportunity to be considered as a potential candidate on a future job offer.
  • In case you apply university and you already have in mind the career you want to pursue, through work experience you can see which the courses you will be more interested in are.

Where to get practical experience

Seasonal and holiday jobs

Don’t lose these opportunities. There are job opportunities in holidays and in some seasons. For instance, when Christmas is coming, shops require extra workers. Also, if the skiing season comes, ski resorts will offer job positions. Although these jobs are not related to the career you want to pursue, they can help you in great manner. For example, you can improve your communication skills.

Voluntary work

Although this is an unpaid work, you will get new skills doing it. You can meet people that can help you as contacts when the time of searching for a job comes. Besides the benefits you get doing volunteer work, there are also other people that benefit from your work (communities). You can find different volunteer work offers, even abroad.

Part-times jobs

This is a good option for students at schools. Sometimes these jobs can turn into full time jobs when students finish schools. Take in mind that earning money and gaining experience can be a good decision, but you have to consider your available time, and evaluate if you can handle with both, studies and work.

The above, are just some examples of where you can get works that allow you to gain experience.

We encourage you to participate in different activities, those related to your career and those that they aren’t, in order to gain experience.