If you have finished high school, and want to choose a career, you have to start with the process to choose one. Self-assessment is the first step you have to take. This can help you to identify, what the most important things for you are, what your abilities and skills are, how your personality is, among others. Making a self-assessment plays an important role to make an informed career choice.

A self-assessment allows you to learn and gather information about yourself and it is also a great help to know what career to pursue. It is usually conducted by career counselors or career development professionals. It helps you to look at the following issues:

Self assessment

What things are important for you?

Here, it is time to look at the values which are important for you. A value inventory will be the way to know this. Among these values that influence in the satisfaction of the job are: Autonomy, would you prefer to make decisions in your job, or would you like to follow orders continuously? Prestige, are you looking for getting a prestigious job? Interpersonal relations, would you like that your work implies interaction with people?, etc. One of the most common value inventories is the Survey of Interpersonal Values (SIV)

What are your Interests?

Basically, here, it is important to know what you like and what you dislike. Can you imagine working for the rest of your life in something you dislike? So, taking interest inventories will help you to avoid it. The questions you will have to answers will be related to the activities you like to do. For instance, you can be interested in writing, reading, etc. The Strong Interest Inventory (SSI) is one of the most popular interest inventories

How is your personality?

Normally, most personality inventories for career planning are based on Jung’s psychological theory that describes eight personalities: perceptive, introverts, extroverts, thinking, sensing, feeling, judging and intuitive. Then, basically to know about your personality, you can do a personal inventory that looks at your traits, attitudes and needs. It will help you to match your personality with a career. It is really important you do this, in order to avoid having a career you don€™t do well just for don€™t take in mind this. Can you imagine an introversive person working as a salesperson?.  Besides, The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MTBI) is the most common used personality inventory.

What Are Your Aptitudes?

The aptitude assessments will help you to figure out what your skills are, or what you are good at. Also, it is important to know what you enjoy to do. The career you choose will be one, where you take advantage of your abilities, but also that one, where you enjoy the things to do.

Furthermore, you can find on Internet, resources that help you to do a self-assessment, but if you get the assistant of a professional such as a counselor, it will be better. Counselors can interpret results, and can give you more guidance.

How you can see a self-assessment is the first step to choose a career to pursue, but also, it is a key to know more about yourself. This assessment, along with others implied in the process to choose a career will allow you to choose the right one.