Caretaker Resume Writing Tips

People who look after goods, property, or individuals at the request of someone else are called caretakers. This employment may encompass only a short time frame, or be a long term opportunity. The list of caretaker jobs is long and varied, but property caretakers seem to be the most common. This person is hired to watch over property belonging to someone else when the owner is away. In many instances, the caretaker will live on the property for the duration of employment.

About Sample Caretaker Resumes

Some people may think they can apply and get a caretaker job quite easily; however, they couldn’t be more wrong. The potential employer is going to want to see a resume before they think about entrusting their property to just anyone. Sample caretaker resumes are available and can provide invaluable assistance to anyone wishing to make a great first impression. Sample resumes will be able to demonstrate what format, styling and information to include in a resume in order to make it highly effective.

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How to Write a Caretaker Resume

To begin with, the resume should be focused on the qualifications of the candidate that make a trustworthy caretaker. Previous caretaker experience is a plus but not always a necessity. List work history from past to present, and include job responsibilities and duties in each. Achievements attained at the various jobs should be listed as well. The resume should also have a cover letter explaining briefly who you are, the reason for applying, and why you think you are the perfect candidate.

References are a very essential part of a good resume, both work-related and personal character. The work references often state what the previous employer feels about the work ethics of the candidate. Personal references attest to the moral character, so both are important. Try to get personal references from teachers, clergy, or someone other than close personal friends.

Caretaker Job Description

Each caretaker job will have various and different tasks involved. In the case of the property caretaker, this individual will be responsible for seeing that the home is secure while the owner is away. Having a caretaker is a good burglar deterrent, especially if he or she lives in or on the home or premises. Short term caretakers may also have the responsibility of caring for pets, taking care of plants, getting the mail, and other day to day tasks that may occur.

Caretakers who are employed for longer time periods in a larger home, farm, or other facility may also have the responsibility of managing the property. He or she will probably live on the premises in a separate apartment or cottage. They may also oversee other employees as part of their duties.

Caretaker Salary

The salary for a caretaker is going to depend on the type of job and the duties and responsibilities involved. Other compensations are also taken into consideration, such as living quarters and whether a vehicle is provided. On average, the sum of $600 per week or ($33,600 annually) can be earned by a person functioning as a property caretaker. This has the potential of going up if the duties are extensive and require more skills or time. Salary may also depend on the specific caretaking job in question. Some employees are paid on an hourly basis, while others work on salary, meaning they receive the same set amount each week regardless of hours worked.

Caretaking jobs are good career choices for someone who prefers to work alone and doesn’t mind solitude. Many couples enjoy the idea of a caretaking job after they have retired from the workplace.

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