Carpenter Resume Writing Tips

Carpentry is a physical job requiring hand – eye coordination and the ability to follow blueprints. While the majority of the job can be learned practically in the field, specific training courses are available to equip carpenters with needed and specialist skills for their work.

About Sample Carpenter Resumes

Carpentry can be a demanding job requiring physical stamina and holds potential injury risks such as falling. Different skills will set a carpenter apart for a job, depending on whether the applicant has specialized or is more of a general all rounder in carpentry. Regardless of what skills a carpenter has, a professional resume is the first point of contact for a future employer and therefore needs to be professional and easy to read. The easiest way to construct a relevant resume is to model it on a sample carpenter resume. There are many sample resumes freely available online that can be used for this purpose.

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How to Write a Carpenter Resume

Although carpenters can learn on the job in a practical setting, and many do, the majority are trained in school or through formal programs. Resumes should include details of any courses completed in carpentry, math, shop and mechanical drawing. Math skills are important, as carpenters need to solve math problems on the job. Apprenticeships are another popular way to enter the profession and relevant details should be included in a carpenter’s resume. Work experience is a main section that to emphasize and can make the different in winning the advertised position.

Skills gained are equally important as education for a carpenter, and so including a list of specialized skills gained on the job is essential. Proven physical fitness is also advantageous and demonstrating good hand-eye coordination. Although some things are hard to detail within a resume, quality referees can back up claims giving weight to the resume. If aiming for promotion, being able to communicate in both English and Spanish is highly advantageous as many Spanish workers make up the construction workforce in a lot of regions. The ability to estimate the quantity of materials needed as well as estimate the length and cost of a job are also essential skills.

Carpenter Job Description

Carpenters work with wood and other materials, they build, install and repair structures built from wood and may be involved in jobs ranging from installing kitchen cabinets to replacing doors, glass, ceiling tiles, repairing desks, changing locks, building highways and bridges and moving or installing machinery if working in factory. They may also install walls or staircases. Carpenters need to read blueprints and follow supervisor’s instructions and handle materials such as wood, drywall, fiberglass and plastic. Carpenters work with a variety of tools such as power tools, drills, sanders, chisels, nails, adhesives and screws. They may specialize or carry out a range of tasks.

Carpenter Salary

Earnings for Carpenters is dependent upon the economy, as when the economy is thriving so does their industry. When the economy is weak, their industry is specifically affected and thus work ceases. In addition, external factors such as weather can affect the work available. Busy periods can result in overtime and increased pay. According to a recent survey, the average salary was $42, 940. Around 19% of carpenters belong to unions and therefore earn higher wages under union contracts. Carpenters working for nonresidential building construction earned a highest rate at $21.08 an hour. Building finishing contractors were close behind with the number of jobs and an average wage of $19.37.

The carpentry industry can offer some uncertainty however times of prosperity and hours worked overtime balance out the quieter seasons in the industry. Carpenters mostly work for contractors however about one third are self-employed. It is a large industry so job turnover is steady. Travel may be required, as carpenters need to go where business is booming and new buildings required. Those who enjoy working with their hands, and do not mind the uncertainties of fluctuating job opportunities may find carpentry a fulfilling vocation.

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