Cashier Resume Writing Tips

Most of the retail and grocery stores have computers that set the prices that are reflected at the registers, yet the cashier is the person responsible for ringing the sale and completing the transaction as quickly and efficiently as possible. A reliable cashier is an asset to any business and should be customer service orientated.

About Sample Cashier Resumes

Gone are the days when a cashier could simply apply for an available job by filling out the requisite application. Today, it is essential that a resume accompany the application, and many people have no idea how to write one. For these people, having a sample cashier resume to refer to is a life saver. Have a look online for a sample resume to discover what information to include in a resume, as well as the most effective format and style to use.

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How to Write a Cashiers Resume

Experience is often desired but rarely a necessity for a cashier’s position, since many stores offer on-the-job training to its associates. Being able to list previous register training and experience on the cashiers resume will put an applicant a step ahead of someone with none. Honesty and integrity are other traits that should be stressed on the resume. Stating a willingness to work any hours and any shift is another positive.

Character references that refer to the applicant’s ability to get along well with others are important. The cashier should have excellent communication skills and an outgoing personality because he or she will be dealing with many customers during the course of the shift. The general order of a resume starts with contact details and is followed by a summary, work experience, education, certificates/licenses held, memberships and lastly, skills such as language or computer skills.

Cashier Job Duties

The cashier is going to spend a good portion of time standing in one place ringing up the purchases of the customers passing through his or her line. There are times when even a small break isn’t possible if the store is exceptionally busy. During quieter times, the cashier is expected to keep the area surrounding the check-out clean and neat. He or she might be sent out onto the floor to straighten and neaten shelves of merchandise, or assist other store employees in various duties. The cashier must be aware that security is a key function of the job, and training is provided to ensure he or she is aware of store policies and procedures. Ongoing training is provided by the store as these policies change frequently.

Cashier Salary

Cashiers in a retail environment can expect to make $7 to $8 per hour when they first start out. This is usually the norm for a cashier position regardless of experience. Raises are given upon evaluation, but the salary rarely goes up quickly. The only instance where a cashier will make more money is in a store that has been unionized. Salary is union regulated, and the longer an employee works for a unionized store, the more money he or she will earn. Some cashiers who have been employed for 20 years can earn $18 per hour.

The cashier position is not as easy as it seems to be. These employees are often taken for granted by the customers who, if they stopped to think about it, would be the ones waiting in line for much longer periods of time if the cashier wasn’t on the job.

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