Caterer Resume Writing Tips

A caterer traditionally served food and drink to people at an event or function. That was in the past; today, the job of a caterer goes beyond that and there are different types of catering services. Caterers play an important role in the food service industry due to the number of occasions and events that require their services daily. Running a successful catering outfit goes beyond cooking and usually requires a combination of a variety of skills and qualifications.

About Sample Caterer Resume

There is a lot of demand for catering services. In the same vein, there are a lot of caterers willing to provide the services. As such, competition is often keen and every caterer needs an edge when bidding for a job. A resume is important in this regard and checking caterer resume samples will provide valuable insight on what important points to include and more importantly, how they should be presented.

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How to Write a Caterer Resume

Caterers work on a contract basis and since the competition is stiff, writing an impressive and potent resume is important because it sets a candidate apart. A potential employer will make his or her decision based on how convincing the resume is about the capabilities, qualifications and experience of the caterer. This implies that writing a resume shouldn’t be just about scribbling some words on paper; it goes beyond that.

A caterer’s resume needs to reflect the experience in handling different types of events successfully. Since the events are of different types, a caterer should adequately provide details of what he or she has done in the past. Professional trainings acquired such as previous chef positions, food and hospitality related programs and any related college degree should also be included. Further assistance on writing a resume can be obtained by checking out sample caterer resumes online.

Caterer Job Description

A caterer’s job duties are multidimensional. The focal point remains the food and drink served at the occasion but there are also several other important aspects. For event catering, the caterer also ensures that the ambience at the location of the event is conducive for dining. This usually entails beautifying the venue to reflect the mood of the occasion with suitable table settings, decorations and lighting. A caterer must be able to multitask and efficiently manage all these aspects.

Caterer Salary

The earnings of a caterer will vary based on the job handled and the size of the operations. It also varies with the experience of the caterer. An annual median salary range for caterers is $32,000 to $75,000. The ability of the caterer to do effective marketing will also affect the earnings. For those who own their own catering companies, earnings will depend in large part on their business and marketing skills.

There is a positive outlook for catering jobs and professional caterers will always be needed. Those people who are able to suitably demonstrate their abilities with a well written resume are better positioned for the best jobs.

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