Catering Resume Writing Tips

These days, catering jobs are very competitive. Therefore, a resume will have to be top notch since a prospective employer may be viewing hundreds of these. Because of this, a resume should professionally present catering skills and qualifications. An interviewer will know within just a few seconds if they plan to offer an interview at all. For this reason, it may be wise to make use of a catering resume sample or template. Remember to take all of the time needed to create a professional document that is on high quality paper and printed well.

Take the Opportunity to Advertise

Never overlook the fact that a catering resume is technically an advertisement to market skills that are tailored to the individual that will receive the resume. Always stress catering expertise when applying for a catering job. Whereas, if the goal is in a managerial role, highlight skills that are possessed in leadership and motivational areas. As there are many different types of catering jobs, it is extremely beneficial to include a cover letter with the resume so that the interviewer will understand what the job objectives and goals are for the company that you are applying with.

Create this Resume

Formatting the Resume

When creating a catering resume, always include full contact information such as name, address, phone number, and e-mail. It is also optional to include personal details like marital status and age of birth. Next, include a profile and objective statement. This section offers the opportunity to do a little advertising for you. Using positive and colorful words are more than acceptable in this section. The objective statement should be between 2 to 3 sentences long explaining to the potential employer what the goals and objectives are with their company. Next, include a section for skills that may apply to this job such as language or presentation skills.

The middle section of a catering resume should be chronological. An educational section must be included where academic qualifications and details of the subjects studied are listed. In this section it is favorable to also include grades received and possible secondary training certificates that may have been received. Always include the top-level achievements. Following that, comes employment history. This area should list previous employers and jobs descriptions. Optionally, summer and part-time jobs with titles and duties that are relevant can also be included. Both the educational and employment section should be listed in reverse order starting with the most recent situation.

Including a Cover Letter

Offering a cover letter with a catering resume will give an opportunity to explain in detail what is being offered to the prospective employer and why you are the best person for the position. Generally, 2 to 3 paragraphs are more than enough. Furthermore, never address the cover letter in a generic format such as sir or madam. Cover letters should be specific to the individual that will receive it. If necessary phone the company ahead of time to learn the proper name.

Customize Resume

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