Certified Nursing Assistant Resume Writing Tips

A professional certified nursing assistant resume is a strong marketing tool that can be used as an advertisement for an individual. This important document can be used to gain the attention of a prospective employer while making it easy to reach you. In fact, a resume is a type of sales document that is to be taken seriously. How well this document is used to illustrate skills and experiences will help land a job. Therefore, handling this document the best way possible may require using a certified nursing assistant resume sample.

Elements to Include in a Certified Nursing Assistant Resume

A certified nursing assistant resume should always begin with contact information. Full contact information should include name, phone number, address, and e-mail. Following that, take the time to create a 2 to 3 sentence objective statement that will be used to entice a potential employer and encourage them to give a call back. Objective statements should prove to the reader that the individual in question is the correct person for the job. Next, list your education by including degrees and certificates held, the schools’ location, and dates attended. The next element to include is previous work experience. Always make sure to list responsibilities, skills, and recognition for each work experience entry. Next, create a section for affiliations and organizations that were participated in. Finally, create a line that states that references are available upon request. Thus, if an employer asks for references, be sure that they are available.

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Nursing Assistant Resumes Best Practices

It has already been mentioned how important a certified nursing assistant resume is. Therefore, always print the resume on high quality paper of a neutral color such as whites or off-white. The resume should never be longer than two pages, it is best at only one page. Never embellish or exaggerate and always be honest. Create paragraphs that are informative yet short and easy to read and understand. Include a listing of all skills, honors, and awards. Ensure that all work experience entries are accompanied by the appropriate dates. Furthermore, these entries should always include job title and responsibilities. Type each section heading in bold letters so that they will stand out.

What to Avoid in a Resume

It is unprofessional to use abbreviations. Since a certified nursing assistant resume is the first chance to leave an impression, it is important to spell check and eliminate all misspelled words, misused words, and incorrect grammar. Moreover, keep the resume in a professional tone and avoid the use of personal pronouns such as ‘I’, ‘You’, or ‘Me’. A resume should not include any sort of salary information nor should it contain any specific hours that you wish to work at the position that is being applied for. These are issues that should be discussed during an interview. Always keep the resume easy-to-read, never use long complicated sentences. Finally, double-check all contact information and make sure that all dates listed are in the same format.

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