Chandler Resume Writing Tips

A chandler refers to a maker or supplier of candles and is an occupation with a rich history. While candles don’t serve as primary sources of illumination in the country as is typical in some other societies, they are still highly demanded for a variety of purposes including religion, aesthetics, novelty, and several others. As a result of this requirement, candle makers or chandlers fulfill important roles. Chandlery also brings in a good income for a large number of individuals.

About Sample Chandler Resumes

There are several professional opportunities for individuals interested in chandler positions and these positions typically attract more applicants than can be accommodated. As such, employers will more often than not use resumes to screen applicants. Chandler resume samples provide useful information on what to include in a resume and also, what to avoid. Additionally, sample resumes offer guidelines on the effective format and layouts that can be used in preparing personal resumes.

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How to write a Chandler Resume

Only individuals with resumes that sufficiently inform employers that the applicant possesses vital skills, qualifications, training and experience relevant to a candle making operation are shortlisted for interviews or employed. Thus, a resume shouldn’t be treated lightly and writing one should reflect the candidate’s capacity to fit into the advertised position.

Professional experience in previous chandler positions should be included in the resume with details of the responsibilities handled during the course of these positions. Depending on the specific position being applied for, attention to details, good communication skills, and the ability to do routine work should also be emphasized. Any previous candle making training obtained in the past and proficiency in the use of modern machinery and equipment should also be emphasized in the resume. Further assistance can be acquired online by checking out sample chandler resumes.

Chandler Job Description

A chandler is responsible for the smooth running of the different processes involved in manufacturing candles. Depending on whether he or she is the head chandler or not, some of the specific duties include: preparing and ordering supplies, hiring and training staff, ensuring that the candles are produced according to specification, overseeing the proper maintenance of machines and the appropriate storage of the candles produced.

Chandler Salary

Using the available salary data for chandlers in the country, the average annual earnings of a chandler has been pegged at $61,000 (according to Simply Hired). Several factors affect the actual salary and they include: geographic location, size of establishment, experience of the chandler and the industry in which he or she is working.

A chandler can also refer to a supplier of merchandise required on a ship but this position is not as common as it used to be. The candle making industry’s growth potential has been placed at lower than the average (but growth nonetheless). A professional resume which emphasizes relevant experience and skills plays a vital role in securing the best chandler positions available.

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