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Individuals and businesses often apply to banks and financiers for loans to foot different projects. However, before any loan can be given out, the bank needs to know the creditworthiness of the loan applicant. Checkers are responsible for the job of ascertaining the financial status of applicants and they also determine whether the customer is in a position to repay the loan at the appropriate time. They do this by providing the relevant information required for making these decisions.

About Sample Checker Resumes

The job of a checker may appear simple but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Banks and other financial institution require the services of astute, qualified, honest and experienced checkers to present the information needed for making vital decisions. Sample resumes provide invaluable guidelines and insights on the information that should be included in a checker resume and how to appropriately present the information in terms of style and format.

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How to Write a Checker Resume

A resume presents a good opportunity to convince a potential employer that the candidate possesses the necessary requirements for a checker position. Several skills required for the job must be emphasized. These include good listening skills, critical thinking, attention to details, and the ability to search for information effectively. All of these skills are relevant and should be included in the resume.

A background in accounting, economics, mathematics, government and law serves as a bonus and should be included in the resume. Relevant professional experience as a checker, previous places of employment, and the different responsibilities handled should also be emphasized in the resume. Proficiency in relevant software packages should also be highlighted. Further assistance can be gotten by checking sample checker resumes online.

Checker Job Description

Checkers basically use a variety of sources and means to secure relevant information about the creditworthiness of a customer. Some of the job duties of a checker include: investigating and compiling credit information about a customer, interacting with creditors in order to extract and deduce the status and ability to repay loans, get in touch with contacts of a creditor such as former employers and other relevant contacts in order to ascertain the creditworthiness of the customer, verify the information provided by the customer and prepare a credit report and recommendation which would be submitted to the bank officers.

Checker Salary

According to a May 2009 survey by the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the average annual salaries of checkers were $33,700. The Natural Gas Distribution Industry paid the highest salaries to checkers. The professional experience of a checker also affects the pay and those with several years of professional experience tend to earn more.

There is a positive outlook for checker positions due to retiring workers and the increased demand for detailed creditworthiness information by lenders. Checkers with the necessary requirements and who are also able to present these with a professionally written resume stand a better chance of gaining lucrative employment.

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