How To Write a Chef Resume

Chefs are individuals who are trained to direct and supervise the food preparation and serving activities carried out daily in a food service establishment. The food industry is a large one and provides several job opportunities for a chef. Restaurants, hotels, fast food joints are just few examples of places chefs can offer their services. Competition is usually steep and only the best chefs who can favorably market their qualifications, skills and experience get the best positions.

About Sample Chef Resumes

Sample resumes can serve as invaluable guides for every chef who desires to create an impressive resume that tells a potential employer that the candidate is the best man or woman for the job. Writing a resume is not an easy task because the process is not just about putting down words on virtual paper. Going through a sample resume of a chef will provide valuable guidelines on the qualities to focus on, how to present them and what should be avoided.

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How to Write a Chef Resume

The role of a chef comes with a lot of responsibilities and fulfilling these requires the possession of several skill sets, qualifications and attributes. Employers are always on the lookout for individuals who have proven in the past that they can suitably oversee the numerous activities in a food service establishment. This is the information that employers search for in a resume and the target of writing a resume is to tell a potential employer that you have what is required.

Experience is very important for chef positions and it should be adequately included in the resume by detailing the responsibilities handled in previous positions. A chef oversees several other workers and as such, leadership and communication skills must be emphasized in the resume. A formal training in hospitality and culinary programs is also a benefit and should be included in the resume. Further assistance on writing a resume can be obtained by checking out sample chef resumes online.

Chef Job Description

A chef is responsible for a myriad of duties in a food establishment facility. Chefs develop menus and recipes, prepare and order supplies, supervise the preparation of food in the kitchen, hire and train the kitchen and sometimes, non kitchen staff and determine serving sizes. They also have to ensure that health standards and regulations are strictly adhered to in the discharge of their duties. These duties can take place in a variety of places including commercial and private establishments.

Chef Salary

The earnings of chefs in the country vary widely with the employer and the geographic location of the food service facility. In May 2009, a survey by the BLS (Bureau Labor of Statistics) revealed that the average annual salaries of chefs were $40,090. The professional experience of a chef also plays a significant role in the pay and those with several years of experience tend to earn more.

There is a favorable outlook for chefs; the competition is also stiff. Suitably qualified professionals who can demonstrate this with an impressive resume stand a good chance of securing the best jobs ahead of others.

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