Chemical Engineer Resume Writing Tips

A well-crafted chemical engineer resume can help open doors and provide opportunities to achieve a desired position. If handled well, this resume can present all of the most important information at a glance to a prospective interviewer. Truthfully, there are only a few seconds before the potential employer will make the decision on whether or not to give a callback. This is such an important document that it may be beneficial to use a chemical engineer resume sample or template to ensure that it is written correctly.

Choosing a Chronological Format

The best choice for a resume in this career field is a chronological format. Each section should contain a bold header in a font that is easy to read. Begin by including complete contact information such as name, address, phone number, and e-mail. The next section should include an objective statement that briefly discusses the goals that apply to the desired position. It is also beneficial to write this statement in sentences that are similar to the job requirements.

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Listing Employment and Educational History

The next section of a chemical engineer resume is the most important. This is the section that will allow an opportunity to market skills and qualifications in an effort to achieve an interview. List the previous employment history in a reverse chronological format beginning with the most recent. Include details for each position held such as title, employer, number of years employed, and a bulleted list of skills and qualifications required of the position. Following that, comes the educational section where all degrees, specialized courses, and universities and dates attended are listed in reverse chronological format also. If you haven’t got much work experience, take the time to emphasize your academic achievements and research projects.

Awards, Special Honors, Internships and Publications

A chemical engineer resume should then include a section that is specifically focused on awards and recognition. List all awards including descriptions, honors, letters of recognition, and other significant achievements. Include a bulleted list of the significance of each entry. This is where internships, whether academic or corporate should be listed. Following that, if there are any publications that were participated in, such as reviews or books, provide a section where each publication is cited. Use 1 to 2 sentences to briefly describe each publication. Allow each of your skills to shine in this section as well.

The main section of this chemical engineer resume should always use colorful words when highlighting the strongest professional and academic achievements. Print the resume on high quality paper and choose a type style that is easy to see and read. Remember to spend plenty of time crafting a cover letter to accompany the resume. Print the cover letter on high quality paper as well and choose a type style that matches; follow up with a thank you letter. Although it may seem obvious, spellchecking is sometimes overlooked. A poorly typed resume that is written in poor grammar will make the throw away pile every time.

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