Chemical Engineering Resume Writing Tips

Chemical engineers combine chemistry and business administration as their job is to monitor the cost-effectiveness of a product while maintaining quality and productivity. Although this is the basic job description, many chemical engineers will strive for a more focused position to specialize in. In fact, a chemical engineer has many job possibilities such as testing of products, research, or development. Therefore, a chemical engineering resume should be used to show that an individual has the ability to work in a specific capacity.

Writing the Objective Statement

In order to present a professional chemical engineering resume, an objective statement should be included. The objective statement should contain 3 to 4 sentences that describe the applicant’s interest in the company with a goal of continuing to develop skills and experience in the chemical engineering field. It should also be general unless the position applied for is a specialized role. If this is the case, craft a statement that best describes the career objectives in a way that is tailored to that specific position.

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Chemical Engineering Resume Education, Work & Experience

Each chemical engineering resume should include an educational section with a bulleted list of educational entries. Begin each entry in this section by listing the degree or certification, then the name of the college or university, followed by the date attended and year graduated. There is no need to include scholarship information in this section, but only specific educational information. Scholarship information will be included in the honors and awards section of the resume. It is also unnecessary to emphasize the fact that you attended an upper level or Ivy League school in this area.

Next, the work and experience section should be listed to show positions held in reverse chronological order. This is an extremely crucial part of the chemical engineering resume and should be written with descriptive, attention grabbing words (buzz words). The work experience section is the area where marketing concepts should be applied. This area will receive a thorough look so should not include just a simple listing of previous work history.

Highlight the areas where specific contributions and recognition was given. Also make sure to clearly list your responsibilities and in a way that shows that they are relevant for the vacant position. This is the area where you will sell your self to a prospective employer. Finally, you may list any specialized honors or awards that you received. At this time it is acceptable to mention scholarships and internships. The last line should read ‘references available upon request’

Research the Position

Aside from all this, do the proper research for the position that you are applying for. Make sure that you understand what the interviewer is looking for in a new employee. Print the chemical engineering resume on high quality paper and choose a font that is easy to read. Furthermore, always proofread for misspelled words, grammar mistakes, misused words, and proper punctuation. Lastly, make sure that all abbreviations are correct and dating formats are consistent throughout. For a clearer picture on what the resume should look like, search for a chemical engineering resume sample online.

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