Child Custody Agreement Letter

Jobs in the social services sector often require that you write letters as part of your daily duties, including child custody agreement letters. You may find yourself tasked with writing a child custody agreement letter when working for a law firm. Child custody agreement letters serve as a legal way for a couple to alert the court and their attorneys to any custody arrangements they made between each other regarding any children they had together.

The Importance of a Proper Child Custody Agreement Letter Roughly 40 to 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in separation or divorce, and many of the splitting couples have children. How and where the kids spend their time after the break-up can be a point of contention. A child custody agreement letter allows the couple to sit down, talk about their children, and decide on an agreement that works for both parties. As a social worker, paralegal, or attorney, you may have the chance to write a child custody agreement letter for your client.

What Goes Into a Child Custody Agreement Letter?

The first time you write a child custody agreement letter, you may have a difficult time determining what should go in that letter. As a copy of the child custody agreement letter will go to the court, you must use professional language and include a list of bullet points that fully explains the custody agreement. Most child custody agreement letters use the following bullet points:

  • the name of everyone involved in the agreement
  • the age of any children mentioned
  • details regarding who will be the custodial and noncustodial parents
  • a clear explanation of who the child will primarily live with
  • any visitation arrangements the couple made regarding vacations or special events

Generating a Dependable Child Custody Agreement Letter Looking at child custody agreement letters is a great way to find out the format these letters follow and what the courts want to see in child custody agreement letters. Use those samples for help as you write a few sample letters of your own. When you apply for a job in the legal or social services field, employers will often want to see those samples or the experience that you have writing child custody agreement letters. Use our resume builder to write a detailed resume that shows all your experience and skills that relate to those jobs.

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