Chronological Resume Writing Tips

There are three main types of resume formats being used today. They are: the functional format, combination format, and chronological resume format. Not everyone is exactly certain which format is for them. The truth is the best resume format will really depend on each situation. A resume is simply a marketing tool, or advertisement for services provided, documentation of experience, and specialized skills. Therefore, the best format choice is the format that will highlight these things in the best way to help land a job. Search online for a chronological resume sample for some visual guidance too.

Differences of Types of Resumes Used by Professionals

Since each individual and job position has separate needs, each resume format has its own purposes as well as advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right format will really depend upon the length inconsistency of work history that has been accumulated so far and whether or not the position that is being sought is similar enough to previous positions that were held. The chronological resume format will list all significant events and achievements in a career by order of existence starting with the most recent being listed first. If an individual has a strong work history in the desired field, a chronological format is the best way to go.

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Chronological Resume Format

The first section of this resume format is always the contact information such as name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. The next section will include the educational background that lists degrees, schools, and dates attended. The third section will contain a bulleted list of certifications, or licenses that are held. The final section of a chronological resume format is what actually gives this style its name. The work experience section should then be listed starting with the most recent employment and then working its way backwards. Each entry in the experience section should include specific skills, qualifications, and achievements received.

If the individual is fortunate enough to have had strong work experience in the desired field, then a chronological resume format will really help this stand out. Furthermore, this format makes it easier to map out the significant milestones in a career. Aside from that, it will also provide a detailed description of the organizations and awards received which helps add credibility at a glance. Probably the main reason to choose this format would be because of the built in timeline. This resume style is built on facts, and therefore increases the chances of being taken seriously by prospective employers.

Reasons Why this Format May not be Beneficial

Although this resume style has quite a few advantages, it also comes with several disadvantages. First, since the work history is listed in chronological order, if the individual has too many gaps in work history for any reason this will become more than evident. Moreover, if there are too many experience entries in this format of short periods, it may appear as if there were difficulties holding down a job.

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