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Creating a chronological resume is beneficial in many circumstances, but isn’t the best choice for everyone. Whether you choose to write your resume in this manner largely depends on the position you are applying for, and whether your past employment relates to this position. If you have worked in closely related fields in various positions and moved up the ladder or accomplished other goals, a chronological resume may help you in making a memorable impact on a potential employer.

When you write a chronological resume, you usually begin with your current or most recent job first, then work your way down to previous positions. By doing this, an employer can easily see what type of work you have been doing recently, and how it may benefit the position you are applying for now. This type of resume also makes you come across as straightforward and up-front, because you are laying all of your information out on the line. Employers like this, and you have the opportunity to share all of your knowledge, skills and any promotions or awards you may have accomplished.

Who should use a chronological resume?

Those who have stayed on a focused career path benefit most. You may have started as part-time office help, proceeded to an accounts payable position, then secured an administrative accounting position at your next job. This is a good example of those who should use this type of resume. Those who should not are students who are straight out of college with no experience, or those who have had several jobs that were within the same career field. If you have worked at a fast-food restaurant, as a telemarketer and at a delivery service, you probably would not want to use this type of resume.

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Things to keep in mind

When you decide to use a chronological resume, there are things you should double check to ensure that a potential employer doesn’t think you are being dishonest. If you have had several jobs, make certain the starting and ending dates are correct, and that they do not overlap. Also compare your resume to other documents or records you may be submitting in order to determine that there are no discrepancies. If there are long periods of time during which you were not employed, explain these gaps so that an employer doesn’t get the impression that you are lazy. Have someone else proofread your work in order to double check for accuracy.

Writing a chronological resume

This type of resume is actually the easiest to write, since you use basic information pertaining to current and previous employment. If you have never written one before and feel unsure about your efforts, there are many places online that you can look at examples. This will help you in outlining your resume, and by looking over several you will get a good feel for how it should be done. If you are applying for work in a career field related to your past employment, a chronological resume will showcase your talents best.

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