Civil Engineer Resume Writing Tips

The main purpose of a civil engineer resume is to present qualifications to a potential employer and will be the first chance to let them know that you are armed with the skills and experience required to fulfill the position. Furthermore, it also illustrates your ability to present information in a clear format. Since this is such an important document, use a civil engineer resume sample or template which can be found line, for guidance.

Best Writing Style of a Civil Engineer Resume

A civil engineer resume must be professionally presented and clearly understood. Therefore, writing style is extremely important. A potential interviewer will simply glance at your resume. Therefore, use brief and informative sentences rather than long paragraphs. It is not necessary to use complete sentences as this actually will save time for a potential interviewer. Always use reverse chronological order which lists previous work experience and educational background starting with the most recent. Create the resume in a professional tone and always avoid personal pronouns.

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What to Include in the Resume

There is more than one way to craft a civil engineer resume. However, there are common components that must always be included. Start with personal contact information such as name, address, telephone number and email. Next, create a job objective that briefly describes the goals in the position applying for. Following that, should be a section for educational background. Add a section that will list all degrees and certificate that relate to the position. Include the names of the institutions and the dates attended. Finally, provide a section describing work history. Each entry in the work history section should provide a bulleted list of skills, title, responsibilities and recognition achieved at that job.

How to Handle the Work Experience Entries

If necessary, it is acceptable to include significantly different positions of the same company if that is the case. Furthermore, each entry should include each job-related license if applicable. Provide detailed information concerning the civic projects that were participated in for each job listing. If the work history section is substantial and highly relevant, it is acceptable to include an additional page. Moreover, make note of all special skills obtained including computer skills and other skills that may be relevant. If the information for the civil engineer resume is a small amount, it is also acceptable to list memberships in organizations, particularly if they are civil engineer related.

Choosing the Proper Presentation of a Civil Engineer Resume

The civil engineer resume should be presented on good quality paper that is 8.5 x 11 inch size. For an entry level civil engineer, more than one page is never needed. Always choose a font that is easy to read and use plenty of white space so the resume will not appear overcrowd. If need be, it is acceptable to adjust the margins to make room for all information on one page. Remember that it is always necessary to emphasize the most impressive section of the resume, whether it is education or work experience.

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