Civil Engineering Resume Writing Tips

Crafting an impressive resume is the first step to finding a great job. Resumes are the first impression you will make on potential employers so they need to be well thought out and formatted according to what potential employers expect to see. Engineering degree programs prepare their students for the kind of work they will be performing in their future jobs but fail to explain how to create a great resume. This article will explain the important things to highlight in your civil engineering resume, giving you the best chance at finding a great job.

Previous Work Experience

In engineering fields, as with most other industries, past work experience is a key element to highlight in a resume. The difference between a civil engineering resume and any other resume listing previous work experience; is that in your civil engineering resume you should list the projects, and descriptions of those projects that you have worked on. It is still important to list the companies that you have worked for and the working title for that company, but the projects are what are really important.

Working in reverse chronological order, list your most recently completed project first and go backwards. The descriptions you should include are things like what kind of software programs or technology was necessary to complete the project, your role / title for that project, and any recognition or awards you received from your work on that project as well as any other relevant and impressive information that you can include. Be sure to keep your descriptions short while still including the important information.

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Since engineers are required to devote a large portion or their time to their education, this is an incredibly important section of the resume. This is where you can detail academic accomplishments and specialized fields of study that uniquely qualify you for the position that you are applying for. You can also include relevant courses that you took during your education that can translate into job-related skills and abilities in this section of your civil engineering resume.

Computer / Technical Skills & Certifications

In this section, individuals writing a civil engineering resume will need to include the kinds of industry-specific computer and technical skills that are necessary to perform the functions of the position that they are applying for. A lot of companies looking to hire individuals for civil engineering positions do not want to have to spend an exorbitant amount of time and money training their new employees on the tools that they will need to do their job.

Many civil engineering jobs require the individuals in those positions to be certified by the federal, state, or local governments that they will be working in. There are different certifications and permits that are necessary for individuals to possess before they can begin working in some areas. Make sure that you list all of your certifications and working permits in this section of your resume. If you are not sure where to include this section in your resume you can look for a civil engineering resume sample or template online.

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