Cleaner Resume Writing Tips

It’s hard to imagine what businesses and other facilities would look like without the services of the cleaning staff that are employed in these places. Imagine a hospital with no one to clean up the rooms, or a restaurant with no cleaning staff. Cleaners are employed everywhere, but most of the time these dedicated people work behind the scenes, or after hours. The results of this hard work are often taken for granted since the cleaners are hardly ever seen.

About Sample Cleaner Resumes

Resumes are an important part of the job application process no matter what the job. Handing in an application may be the first step toward applying, but invariably, the employer will ask for a resume, also. Sample cleaner resumes can be found online for those who aren’t sure how to write one, and can provide great insight into the correct format and style to use.

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How to Write a Cleaner Resume

Begin with a cover letter attached to the resume. In this letter, the applicant can introduce him or herself and give reasons why they are applying for the cleaning position. The letter can also state why the applicant thinks he or she will be an asset to the company. The resume body should list the education of the applicant, and any degrees or certification relevant to the position.

Work history beginning from past to present is also important. Time on the job and the duties performed must also be included in a relevant manner. Jobs that were held many years prior and have no actual relevance can be omitted. The general order of the resume starts with contact details and is followed by a summary, work experience, education, certificates/licenses, language skills and lastly, computer skills. Make sure to list specifics in a bullet point format.

Cleaner Job Description

Cleaners work in domestic situations, health care facilities, retail establishments, libraries, banks, offices, and more. It is the job of this person (or persons) to ensure that the establishment is clean and ready for another day of business each morning. Duties of cleaners in offices and similar businesses include vacuuming, mopping, emptying trash, dusting, and cleaning the restrooms. Cleaners employed in hospitals or similar health care establishments are responsible for cleaning and disinfecting according to state health regulations, and these people must be trained in proper procedures and equipment operations.

Cleaner Salary

People who work as a domestic cleaner in the home of the employer generally earn about $10 to $12 per hour. Some employers are willing to pay more for additional duties depending on the size of the home, but in the U.S., this is the average hourly wage for domestics. Cleaners employed by hotels or health care facilities full-time earn an average salary of $28,000 each year. There are circumstances where employees who have been working at the same job for a number of years may have potentially higher earnings, however.

A person who engages in the cleaning sector of employment must be very physically fit. The job often entails heavy lifting, moving furniture, and using machinery. Being in top physical shape is essential for this job.

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