How To Write a Clerk Resume

Clerks can be defined as individuals trained to carry out different administrative duties in an organization. The specific job duties of a clerk will vary with the organization and the section of the where he or she is working. For example, there are office clerks, file clerks, sales clerk, payroll clerks and a wide variety of other clerical appellations. Generally, clerks play very important roles in any organization by contributing to the smooth discharge of administrative duties.

About Sample Clerk Resumes

Clerk resume samples are basically important for two reasons. The first is the fact that they provide a guideline for the necessary information that should be included when applying for a clerical position. Additionally, sample resumes also provide insight on how to present this information in a way that will favorably influence the employer’s decision towards selecting the candidate.

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How to Write a Clerk Resume

Clerks generally work with data and records; however, the job duties can vary widely. As such, employers are always on the lookout for individuals who can adapt easily and also multi task. In line with this thought, a resume should be carefully written to reflect this information and other relevant details for a clerical position.

A clerical position in a physician’s office will differ from one in a bank and the resume should be tailored to reflect such variations depending on the organization. Attention to details, good interpersonal relations, proficiency with computers, ability to use word processing and other business software and good communication skills are some of the things that should be emphasized in a resume. Further assistance can be obtained by accessing sample clerk resumes online.

Clerk Job Description

Clerks carry out a variety of duties in different organizations. Additionally, the specific job duties of a clerk will largely depend on the organization. Some of the duties that clerks are expected to fulfill include: classification, storage, retrieval and updating of different company records, storage of payroll records, taking inventories, sorting checks, preparing mails, keeping files, proofreading documents, data entry, message delivery, preparing invoices and a host of other duties essential to the daily running of the organization.

Clerk Salary

Several factors affect the earnings of clerks in the country but the major one is the place of employment. However, according to a May 2009 survey by the BLS, clerks earned annual average salaries of $40,090. The professional experience of a clerk also plays a significant role in the pay and those with several years of experience tend to earn more. Of course, this also comes with more responsibilities.

There is a positive outlook for clerical positions in the country due to positions provided by retiring workers. Additionally, as companies continue to expand and consolidate their operations, the demand for clerks to perform administrative duties will also increase. Clerks with professionally written resumes stand a better chance of being employed for the more lucrative positions ahead of others.

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