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The real estate industry provides a large number of jobs to different categories of workers. The more popular professionals are real estate brokers and sales agents. They are responsible for the initial transactions prior to making a decision on buying real estate. Once a decision has been made however, a closer is required to ‘close’ the deal. Closers provide valuable services in the real estate industry by performing various tasks beneficial to both buyers and sellers.

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The smooth conclusion of any real estate deal typically involves tidying up a lot of legal, financial, and other details. These duties are tedious and also require a combination of different skills and qualifications that employers look for before hiring. Closer resume samples provide a lot of useful tips on how to professional structure one that will appeal to potential employers and increase the chances of getting the job.

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How to Write a Closer Resume

The real estate industry is usually very active because thousands of transactions always take place yearly. A lot of these deals will be impossible or at best, very disorganized without the services of closers. Potential employers can easily get a first impression about the applicant just from reading through a resume. This often determines whether the applicant will be contacted for an interview or not and ultimately, whether he or she will be offered the job.

Experience and proficiency in closing real estate deals is pivotal and should be emphasized in a resume with relevant details of previous projects handled in the past. The job typically requires a sound knowledge of the real estate industry including the various laws and regulations that govern it. As such, educational backgrounds in real estate, finance, law, business administration, economics and accounting are helpful and should be emphasized. Further assistance can be gotten online by checking out sample closer resumes.

Closer Job Description

The job duties of a closer include: review of closing documents in order to ascertain that the requirements have been covered, conferring with an attorney to fine tune the legal aspects of the transaction, receiving and disbursing escrows, collecting down payment from buyers, presiding over transaction meetings and answering questions that may arise about the deal, preparing legal documents and closing statements, verifying the accuracy of the information provided by both buyer and seller and ensuring that all these are done with adherence to regulations.

Closer Salary

The median annual salary of real estate closers and agents was pegged at around $40,000 in May 2009 according to an occupational survey from the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Of course, the salary will vary with the experience of the closer and also with the type of property being handled.

There is a high demand for closers to mediate the successful conclusion of real estate transactions as more people buy properties. Skilled closers who possess the necessary qualifications must be able to present these with an impressive resume to potential employers in order to secure these jobs.

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