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CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants) are a vital and integral part of both the workforce as a whole and the health care industry in general. People who are employed in this position report to a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Practical Nurse and are responsible for assisting patients with many of the functions of their daily lives. A career as a CNA can be very rewarding and fulfilling. To be hired for a position in this field, you will want to be sure that you include a few important elements when you are putting together your CNA resume.


In order to hold the title of certified nursing assistant, you will need to have met the educational requirements and completed the appropriate training program required by the state in which you are applying to work. Although this varies from state to state, typically these training programs mandate at least 50 hours of classroom theory work and 100 hours of supervised clinical training. As you cannot be legally employed by any organization if you have not met these requirements and been certified by the state, it is very important that you include your certification information on your CNA resume. Include all the states in which you are licensed for the position, the dates you received the certifications, and the issuing regulatory organization.

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If you have any existing hands-on experience as a certified nursing assistant, such as previous jobs or knowledge gained while obtaining your certification, this is very important information to include in the experience section of your CNA resume. Employers will want to know what work you performed prior to your application for a position with their organization, and it will be beneficial if they can see that you have previous experience in the health care industry. Include all relevant information such as location, type of health care (hospital, nursing home, home health aide, etc.), the dates you were employed, and your responsibilities and duties.


You may have included some information regarding your educational background in the certifications section already, but you should certainly use this space to describe your education in detail. If you attended college or university or took advanced courses at a local college, provide that information in this section, even if it was only for a few years or semesters. A very important piece of information to include on a CNA resume is the name and location of the institution where you received your certified nursing assistant training and the dates you attended.

Investing significant time in putting together a CNA resume will prove to be very worthwhile if you remember to include the certifications, experience, and education sections. There are many good CAN resume samples available online if you are unsure of the best way to format yours. Including the previously discussed information and anything else that will set you apart from other applicants, will set you off on the right path to obtaining a rewarding and fulfilling position as a CNA.

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