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It is becoming a popular trend for colleges, especially more prestigious undergraduate programs, to require their applicants to include a resume with their application. Most graduate schools also require college resumes before they will consider accepting a candidate. Often times this is the first occasion that a person will have to develop a resume. Without understanding the kinds of things that admissions directors are looking for, an applicant’s resume can fall short of admission expectations. This article will provide information about the kinds of things you should include in your college resume to give you the best chance of being accepted into great education programs.


Obviously this is the most important section of your college resume. When applying for an undergraduate program, this section will need to include your high school GPA and the kinds of courses that you have taken that have prepared you for an undergraduate degree program. It is a good idea to only include relevant courses to the degree that you are interested in pursuing. Admissions directors also like to see advanced courses such as Honors classes and AP or duel enrolled courses that you have taken. Applications for graduate programs need to include the same kind of information; instead of including information about relevant high school courses you will need to select college classes you have taken that have prepared you for the graduate program you are applying for.

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Admissions directors expect their applicants to be well rounded individuals. They want to see that their applicants have involved themselves in other activities outside of their studies. Applicants for undergraduate programs should include sports teams, clubs, and communities groups that they have been involved with; for example, include things like National Honors Society, Habitat for Humanity projects, Boy or Girl Scouts, etc. It is mildly less important to include these kinds of things for graduate program applications, but it is still a good idea to include impressive academic fraternities or clubs that make you stand out from other candidates.

Awards and Achievements

This section should be used to make you stand out in the mind of the person reviewing your application. If you have received any recognition for excellent academic performance such as scholarships or grants, you should definitely include them in this section of your college resume. Additionally, you should include any leadership positions that you have been in that would help you to stand out from other applicants such as Student Body President or any leadership positions you held for various clubs or groups you were part of.

After you have collected the information that you want to include in your resume you will need to format it in a way that it is easily readable and informative. It is a good idea to search for a college resume sample or template online, this can give you a great starting point to help you to format your resume. Finally, make sure that the information that you have included really shows why you are an excellent candidate and should be accepted into the program you are applying for.

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