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Creating a combination resume is a great way to demonstrate to a potential employer both your work history and the skills you possess that make you the perfect candidate for a job. All employers want to know how your skills and experience relate directly to their company, and how hiring you will benefit them. A combination resume exhibits both your special qualifications and previous employment history, making the most impact on a potential employer.

By combining the chronological aspects with the skills and special qualifications that relate directly to the position you are applying for, your combination resume will hopefully be one that attracts great interest in the employer.

Demonstrate all your strengths

If you are someone who has worked in various jobs that were all related to a specific industry, this improves your chances of securing a position within that industry. By listing previous jobs, an employer will see that you have the skills and qualifications needed to be a benefit to their company. A combination resume allows you to list all pertinent employment history, while at the same time demonstrating other characteristics or special knowledge you possess that add to your attractiveness as a candidate for the job.

These types of resumes offer flexibility and can be used for many employers, since they cover both the chronological and functional aspects.

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Creating a combination resume

Where to start? The best solution is to begin with your qualification or career summary. This allows a potential employer to easily see your strongest points from the start. This entices the employer to read your resume in it’s entirety, in order to determine if you qualify for the job. Next, you will want to include your work history, which should be concise and to the point. Play up your work history in terms of accomplishments instead of duties, and avoid lengthy details that are unrelated to the position you are applying for. After completing this section, you may want to include any education, foreign languages or training that relate directly to the job and enhance your chances of securing the position.

The combination resume is best suited for . . .

College graduates with little previous employment. With this type of resume, you can target other desirous features about yourself such as awards, honors or even volunteer work.

Those changing careers. If you have worked within a specific industry and are targeting a new career field, this type of resume allows you to demonstrate to a potential employer your achievements and skills instead of the job titles you have held.

Those who have worked in a variety of industries. Using this format, you can emphasize to employers your skills and abilities rather than who you have worked for.

Older workers. If you have been working for a couple of decades and have a vast work history, this format allows you to sell potential employers on your strongest credentials.

The combination resume is very effective, particularly if you write it in a way that best emphasizes why you are the perfect candidate for the job.

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